Are You Using an Old Version of Camfrog?

Are you still using an older version of Camfrog for Windows? It’s time to update! We’ve been updating our servers and other security systems, but if you’re still using an older version, you may not be able to logon easily soon. Don’t get left behind, download the latest version of […]

Beta Test Camfrog for Windows

Are you someone who always has the latest gadgets and devices? Do you want to keep on top of things with the latest software too? We’d like to invite you to beta test the latest version of Camfrog for Windows! We’ve added a few new much requested features for Extreme […]

Camfrog for Windows Update Available!

With the help from all your useful feedback, we’ve just published Camfrog 6.8.398 This version of Camfrog has many bug fixes that have been reported. Because of updated security protocols, we are making this a required update. If you’re using an older version of Camfrog, you will need to download […]

Update: Camfrog 6.4.257 Now Available

It’s that time again! We just released an update to Camfrog for Windows. This version fixes a few bugs that have been reported, and also includes support for our new enhanced Audio/Video streaming system. You can download this update for free from our download page. Download Camfrog

Camfrog Server Bugfix Update

Hey there room owners! We’ve been watching your feedback, and with your help, we’ve found a few critical bugs that could cause your room to freeze, or go offline/disconnect from Camfrog’s central servers. We just published a bugfix update. You can download it for free from our Server Download Page […]

Announcing: Camfrog 6.4 with Facebook Login!

Did you know, that with our new version of Camfrog for Windows, you can now signup for Camfrog with your Facebook account? It’s super easy and fast! You can also sign into the Camfrog website and invite your Facebook friends! Some other cool features that we have rolled into Camfrog […]

Update Time for Camfrog!

We’ve been going through your feedback, and are excited to let you all know, that we have just released a new update to Camfrog! This update fixes many bugs you reported, such as the chatroom window taking focus randomly, login problems some users may have noticed, and also includes a […]

Bugfix Update for Windows Client

We just published an updated version of Camfrog 6.2 for Windows. This update contains several bugfixes that users have reported to us, as well as some stability enhancements. We also included updated language packs for international users We recommend you update to this latest version. You can DOWNLOAD for free […]