Translation Project Update

We’ve been working to improve the Camfrog website, and part of these improvements include our website Translation Project

Did you know, that we’ve been working on translating Camfrog’s website into different languages? We want the Camfrog experience to be as easy as it can be, and this includes letting people use Camfrog in their own native language.

Do you speak a language other than English? Would you like to help out with our Camfrog Website Translation project? It’s really simple, just visit and sign in using your Camfrog nick, and you can start translating right away!

We even offer special gifts as a thanks for translation help.

So far, we have translations in Thai, Italian, Russian, and Indonesian. We’re looking to translate Camfrog into… All the languages!

Camfrog Website Translation Project

We have launched the new Camfrog Website Translation Project.

Would you be interested in participating and translating Camfrog Website into your language? If you are, please log in to using your Camfrog login and password and start translating or proofreading phrases into the language you speak. You have the same rights as on main translation site.

Your participation is very much appreciated! For our most helpful translators and proofreaders, we would like to offer cool Gifts of Camfrog Pro codes as a thank you!

New Camfrog Translated Languages

Camfrog client is now fully translated to 23 languages.  The 23 languages are Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, English (UK), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese Brazil, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Croatian, French Canadian, Indonesian, Serbian, Polish, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Estonian, and Czech.  The four newest languages are Bulgarian, Bosnian, Estonian, and Czech.

Romanian, Greek, Tagalog, and Catalan, Velencian are currently being translated by our translation team.

Do you speak Hungarian, Slovak, Afrikaans, or Albianian?  These four languages are almost completed however we don’t currently have a proven and trusted proofreader.

Do you want Camfrog to be translated to your language, or do you want to help out with these translations above?  Please sign up to be an official Camfrog Translator and get listed on our best proofreaders list so you can get a free virtual gift.

Camfrog Translation Project

New Language Packs (August)

Did you know Camfrog has been translated to many different languages?  If your language is not available please join the Camfrog Translation Project.

Today we have released several new translated languages including Croation, Indonesian, Polish, Serbian, and French (Canadian). These new language packs are available for download.

We are also very close to releasing language packs for Korean, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Romanian, Afrikaans, Albanian, Hungarian, Slovak, and Vietnamese but we still need some help. If you are a native speaker of these languages please help us by joining the Camfrog Translation Project.

If you have helped with translating Camfrog or if you plan to help we thank you for your hard work and support.

Camfrog Room Virtual Gifts & Birthday Gifts



You can now buy a virtual gift for your video chat room.  Just visit the info page for your room, then choose the type of gift you want to give. The rooms that are currently online and that have the most gift points appear at the top of the room list under “Most Gifted Rooms”.

We also have new Birthday virtual gifts.  Know someone who has a birthday coming up?  Give them a special Birthday virtual gift.

Japanese & Korean Translation Help

Do you speak Japanese or Korean and are you a native speaker?  We need your help.  Please visit our Translation Website and apply to be a translator.  We would like to include Korean and Japanese translations in our next major Camfrog release.

We are also interested in translating Camfrog to many other languages, so if you want to help please apply to become a translator.

Thanks for your help.

Help Translate Camfrog

Camfrog already comes in many different languages.  Why not add your favorite language?  Visit to help translate Camfrog to your native language.

Are you unhappy with one of our current live translations that are included with Camfrog?  Our translation site allows you to help improve the translation too.

Thank you for helping translate Camfrog to every major language.

Camfrog Translation Project