Camfrog Cloud Bot 2.0

New Features! New Plug-ins!

Here at Camfrog HQ, we are hopping with excitement about the Camfrog Cloud Bot 2.0, it has some awesome new features and some great updates for current features.

DJ Manager: Are users fighting over the mic in your room, wanting to play their favorite track?

End the squabbles now with DJ Manager.

Auto Moderator: Does your room turn into a free-for-all when no mods are around to keep it under control?

The Auto Moderator plug-in will keep your room in order while your moderators are AFK!

Who Banned: Keep track of your moderators with the Who Banned plug-in; with this update, you can now review logs to see who is banning who and when. This version informs the users about the updates in your room such as topic changes, rules and much more.

The new version of Camfrog Cloud Bot also adds support for all the other room features that were missing in the old bot software before now.

Upgrade Now!

To take advantage of the new Camfrog Cloud Bot; upgrade your room to Purple, Gold, Platinum or Diamond level. Camfrog Cloud Bot is included in those room subscriptions.