Dating Made Easy in the Pandemic Through Video Chatting

In the age of technology and digitization, almost everything is available online. From groceries, movies to education and even office. In fact, in COVID times, technology has been a boon, giving people a sense of normalcy and sanity during those long periods of social isolation. As a result, video chatting […]

Are You Using an Old Version of Camfrog?

Are you still using an older version of Camfrog for Windows? It’s time to update! We’ve been updating our servers and other security systems, but if you’re still using an older version, you may not be able to logon easily soon. Don’t get left behind, download the latest version of […]

Server Software Update

Hello Room Owners and Hosting Providers! We’ve got an update ready for you! If you run a Camfrog Server, or are a Hosting operator, you’ll need to update your server software! You can download the latest version of Camfrog Server 6.3 by Clicking Here If you’re a hosting provider, you […]

Camfrog for Windows Update Available!

With the help from all your useful feedback, we’ve just published Camfrog 6.8.398 This version of Camfrog has many bug fixes that have been reported. Because of updated security protocols, we are making this a required update. If you’re using an older version of Camfrog, you will need to download […]

Critical Server Software Update

Attention Server Owners, this one’s important! We have just released updated versions of all Camfrog Server software. Please upgrade your servers to version 6.3 immediately. All server versions older than 6.3 will be blocked in 1 week. To ensure your rooms remain online, download this update as soon as possible! […]

Slow Logon with Camfrog for Mac? UPDATE Now!

We’ve updated Camfrog for Mac OSX! This new update fixes a problem that some users experienced causing a very slow logon, as well as fixes a bug in which Mac users weren’t able to see webcams from users on a mobile device. Download for free from our Download Page Download […]

Camfrog for Mac Update!

An update for Camfrog for Mac is ready to download! This update fixes slow logon problem some users with OSX Mavericks experienced, and also adds support for rooms that are using our new streaming system (TCP Streaming) Head on over to our Download Page to download this update for free […]

Introducing: Facebook Messaging!

If you created a Camfrog account using our new Facebook logon, and are using our latest version of Camfrog we just released, then you may see some new contacts in your buddy list. You can chat with all your Facebook friends, right from Camfrog! We’re super excited about this, and […]

Update: Camfrog 6.4.257 Now Available

It’s that time again! We just released an update to Camfrog for Windows. This version fixes a few bugs that have been reported, and also includes support for our new enhanced Audio/Video streaming system. You can download this update for free from our download page. Download Camfrog

Announcing: Camfrog 6.4 with Facebook Login!

Did you know, that with our new version of Camfrog for Windows, you can now signup for Camfrog with your Facebook account? It’s super easy and fast! You can also sign into the Camfrog website and invite your Facebook friends! Some other cool features that we have rolled into Camfrog […]