Lotties / Animated Stickers Arrived!

Our teams continue to work for you. As an innovation at Camfrog, we offer animated stickers to our users. A very fun way to express yourself. Get your favorite sticker pack and send it to your friends. Note: Lotties can be viewed on mobile clients only. Desktop support will arrive […]

Dating Made Easy in the Pandemic Through Video Chatting

In the age of technology and digitization, almost everything is available online. From groceries, movies to education and even office. In fact, in COVID times, technology has been a boon, giving people a sense of normalcy and sanity during those long periods of social isolation. As a result, video chatting […]

How To Find Friends Using Safe Video Chatting Portals

In today’s times of the COVID – 19 pandemic and the social distancing norms that are still in force, life has become quite secluded for most people. Socializing, going out for movies, meeting people on dates is but a distant dream still. Given these restrictions, video chatting portals have seen […]