New Room Browser Early Access

Moving into 2022, Camfrog’s mission is to create the best place for people to connect with strangers and make new friends across the globe.  We believe that this breaking of borders opens us up to new experiences, different modes of thought, and walks of life, and we want to make that breakthrough by empowering our users to create and grow their amazing communities using our video chatrooms.

This year, we will be kicking things off by redesigning some of the key aspects of Camfrog.  The Room Browser, setting pages, notifications, profiles, and messaging will all be getting upgrades this year to make our platform more intuitive and make it easier than ever to find the right room for you. To start, we have revamped both the Room Browser and the Manage Your Room page. 

To get early access to the new and improved Camfrog Room Browser, click here.

Once you’ve had a chance to check it out, let us know what you think by completing this 1-minute survey. Your feedback is invaluable.

New Room Browser

In order to make Rooms easier to find for our users, we have re-organized the rooms on Camfrog based on two key concepts: Room Categories and Room Topics.  

Room Categories describe the general purpose of the room. They are the way you like to communicate with each other and what you are primarily interested in as a room.  Discussion Rooms, for example, are built around talking about things. Community rooms are more focused on building long-lasting groups. If you’re into politics, make your room a Politics Room; interested in talking about health, then use the Wellness category.  Whatever topic you choose, that will be how users can find your room.

Room Topics, on the other hand, are a lot like tags.  Room Topics are used to describe your Camfrog room beyond the category you’ve chosen and let others know what your interests are. Users can use Tags to find rooms they’re interested in joining by filtering them within the room browser or searching for specific Room Topics.

Manage Your Room

This new Manage Your Room page makes it easier than ever to control your room settings. We have retooled it to be more accessible, more informative, and a better tool for managing your community. 

Most importantly, it allows room owners to customize not only their rooms, but also how their rooms are organized – which category the room falls under, and what topics the room is best associated with.

*Camfrog manages the list of available Categories and Room Topics, but new Room Topics are regularly added based on community feedback. If you’d like to suggest a new topic, simply reach out to our support.

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