Camfrog Video Ads Contest

Do you want to be famous?

Camfrog is advertising on different social media platforms and in our next advertisement campaign you might appear in our ads and become famous!

How to join the contest?

  • Shoot 3 videos of yourself saying the below phrases in your native language;

Video 1:

“Meet other users who are just like you, looking to meet new people. Download for free today.”

Video 2:

“Join Camfrog, the #1 live video chat community to meet others just like you! Start meeting new people today.”

Video 3:

“Check out [Camfrog], it’s a great way to virtually meet new people online. You’ll never be bored when you’re busy chatting with new friends!”

Optional Video:

Please tell us why you like Camfrog and since when you have been a part of our community. This video shall not be longer than 30 seconds.

  • The video shots shall be entertaining and catchy. Therefore, acting is essential and it won’t be simply reading the material in front of the camera.
  • When you are done with your video shot, please Upload your amazing video using this link to our system.

In case we use your video, you’ll be rewarded with 3K Camfrog Coins!

Important Note:

By uploading & sending your video/audio/image you agree to abide by the Camfrog Terms of Service related to User Submissions:


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