Camfrog Cloud Bot 2.1

We did update the Cloud Bot!

Here at Camfrog HQ, our teams are working hard to give you the best. And a new update just arrived from the oven: Cloud Bot version 2.1.

This version has the following updates:

  • We added an option to only notify moderators in the “Who Banned” plugin.
  • We added an option to restrict regular users from taking the mic.
  • There are also numerous general bug fixes and improvements, as well as translation fixes.

Also, some exciting news!

Camfrog Cloud Bot will be FREE for GREEN ROOMS until February 15, 2023! Let’s try it in case you are a green room owner.


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      2.1 cloud bot is a great upgrade to existing cloud bots no need to add additional plugins all included. I love the idea that Camfrog is giving this option a trial run for subscribers.

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