Update on Live Broadcasting

Over the last couple of years, we’ve worked to bring the best social video experience we can to you. We’ve experimented and tried lots of different ways to improve. Some things stick around, some don’t.
Today we’re announcing that one of our experiments is coming to an end. We’ve come to the difficult decision to shut down Live Broadcasting on Camfrog as of Sunday, April 12th.

We didn’t come by this decision easily, but decided it’s time to refocus our attention and efforts on our core product and service: Group Video Chat. We have many exciting plans that we can’t wait to share with you, and are working hard to continue improving Camfrog to make it the best video chat experience you can have. We’d like to thank everyone who’s ever broadcasted on Live for helping grow our community, and we want to thank everyone who’s ever watched a broadcaster for being an amazing audience. We look forward to continuing to provide a fun interactive way to meet and chat with new friends around the world.


3 thoughts on “Update on Live Broadcasting

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      All the points from the gifts?, can we still get them redeemed?

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        Gems can still be redeemed. You can also continue to earn Gems at this time for gifts other users send you while you’re on cam in a room.

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      Good choice, the core of camfrog which was groupchat took a blow when live came. it would be cool ifyou guys introduced a feature in the chats. for example make multi audio possible on android/iphone.
      Have the active mic user pop up when he/she talks so you know who talks in busy rooms without having to scan the entire screen for that person.
      mic active -> camsize normal to ultralarge for the duretion of the mixcup or something. or as an option/default.

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