Unexplained Camfrog Client (Windows) Crashes?

If you seem to be crashing a lot lately with Camfrog client for Windows we may have a solution for you.  Try going to your contact list, then choose the “Actions” menu and choose “Settings”.  Next under “General” check the box that says “Show animated emoticons as text”.  Hopefully this will help you avoid any unexpected crashes until we release a fix for this problem.

Once our new version is updated you can go back to the settings and reactivate emoticons by checking this same box.


4 thoughts on “Unexplained Camfrog Client (Windows) Crashes?

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      Another solution may be going on Actions>Settings and in the general section uncheck the voice “Display when a message is received” so your camfrog client will not crash and you will still be able to visualize the emoticons.

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      i dont haveany problems

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      Only users that are using version 4.0 or above have this problem receiving some strange messages. Users that are still using version 3.94 are safe.

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      I am using CF 5.3 latest release was working fine , dont know whats changed unless it has something to do with net.framework but when i change from one room to another i crash out, everything else seems to work fine, tried switicng ice-ops off, tried the above and tried old rendering to see if that helps, but no joy, any ideas?

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