Women’s World Cup Continues!

Get pumped, and GET LOUD for the World Cup Semifinals!

Women’s World Cup is here, and we’re going to help you get pumped for your country!

Show your team pride with a Spirit gift, which turns your nickname BLUE and give you your country flag next to your nick in the chat! Everyone will know who you support!

Get your BLUE NICK and Spirit Flag HERE:

Australia16 Australia vs Nigeria Get the flag of Nigeria next to your Blue Nick! 16Switzerland vs Ecuador  16 Get the flag of the United States next to your Blue Nick!USA vs SwedenSweden16 Japan16 Japan vs Cameroon Cameroon16

Note: Spirit gifts with flag icon and blue nick last for 24 hours each. Only one type of custom icon can be on a nick at a time.

Women’s World Cup: Show Your Country Pride!

By popular demand, we’ve brought back Spirit Flags! Show your support for your country’s team on game day, by wearing your flag on your nickname!

Today’s matches:

Get a blue nick with the Spirit of Germany



Click to get a Blue Nick and show the Norwegian flag on your nick!


Click to show the Chinese Flag on your nick with a special blue nick



Get a blue nick with the Spirit of The Netherlands


Get a blue nick and show the Ivory Coast flag on your nick

Cote d’Ivoire


Click for a blue nick with the Thai flag on your nickname


Get a blue nick with the Canadian Flag next to your nick!



Show the New Zealand Flag next to your nick!

New Zealand

Show your support for Women’s Soccer this year on Camfrog!

Do You Have Team Spirit?


We know you’re excited about the World Cup. We also have World Cup Fever!

We decided that we should be able to show all of Camfrog who we’re cheering for!

Every day, the countries that have a match will have a special Spirit Flag gift available. This Spirit Flag will turn your nickname blue for 24 hours, and put your country’s flag next to your nickname!


When you go into your favorite chatroom to cheer your country, or trashtalk the other team, everyone will know who you support, because you’ll stand out in the list!

Spirit flags will only be available on the day that country plays, up until the time the game is over.