Camfrog Video Chat 6.2 Now Available!

Camfrog Video Chat 6.2 with VOIP is now available!

We just released a new version of Camfrog (For Windows users) with some cool new features, such as

Full VoIP Support for Calling and SMS (Text Messaging)

Call any phone, anywhere in the world, right from your Camfrog buddy list! Just enter in the number at the dialpad, or choose a contact from your buddy list, and press the call button, or enter a number and press the Message button to send an SMS anywhere in the world! You can also add a number to your buddy list, so you can keep in touch with your Camfrog friends, even when they are offline!

VoIP Credit Packs Now Available

New Integrated OpTools

The new built in OpTools help you moderate your chatroom with ease! No more need to enter in complex commands into the chat, just use this easy to use interface. OpTools allows you to add, edit, or delete kick/punish/ban reasons, room warning, and custom ad messages. You can export your reason/ad packs to send to your friends, or other room ops, so they can import into their OpTools, so you all have the same reasons and ad packs.

To enable the new OpTools, just go to the Settings window, and under then General->Common tab, check the box: “Show Operator Tool Window”

Click Here to see the full list of changes and updates.