Server Update – Add Support for YouTube Viewing!

It’s that time again! We just published an update to all versions of Camfrog Server. This update fixes some slow room logon issues, adds support for YouTube Viewing as well as several bug fixes. Please update your Camfrog Server software as soon as possible to keep your rooms online Update […]

Camfrog Server Bugfix Update

Hey there room owners! We’ve been watching your feedback, and with your help, we’ve found a few critical bugs that could cause your room to freeze, or go offline/disconnect from Camfrog’s central servers. We just published a bugfix update. You can download it for free from our Server Download Page […]

New Update to Camfrog Server

Howdy Froggers! We just released a new update to Camfrog Server and Camfrog Advanced Server! This update includes several bug fixes, and stability enhancements based on reports from all of you. We also updated this for full Camfrog Coins support. As always, we welcome your feedback. Server owners must update! […]