Spread Love this Valentine’s Day

heart_220February is the perfect time to spread some love around, and we’re ready to do just that!

This Valentine’s Day, show everyone you care, by wearing your heart on your sleeve, or rather, your heart on your nickname! Get a “Be My Valentine” virtual gift, and your nickname will just overflow with love, and turn either a lovely pink, or blue, and everyone will know there’s someone special when you get a pink or blue heart next to your nickname!

Hop on over to the all new Camfrog Store today to start spreading some love!

Did you also notice, that our favorite characters are here with a special Valentine’s themed sticker pack?

HJ-ValentineHJ Story Valentine’s Day sticker pack and virtual gifts are also now available on the Camfrog Store! Start sharing some love today!

Get a Cyber Red Nick NOW!

Hoohooohoooo! It’s “Cyber Monday” so we’re releasing a super exclusive, limited edition gift!

Cyber500Get this cyber gift, and your nickname will turn CYBER RED for 7 days! Hurry though, there’s only 1,000  available, and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Cyber Red Nicknames last for 7 days, and include 2,500 Gift Points! Woohoo!

Hop on over and grab your Cyber Red Nickname now!


Unlock The Great Camfrog Mystery!

mystery Discover the mystery what happens when you send our new special Virtual Gift!

Send a Mystery Gift to a friend, and their nick will get a surprise splash of color!

RibbitWhen you receive a Mystery Gift, your nickname will randomly turn one of 5 different colors: Orange Blue Gold Pink – or ELITE RED

Mystery Gifts each last for 1 day, but if you get a color you like, you can extend your color by sending additional Mystery Gifts!

If you want to get a different color, you can wait until the next day and send a Mystery Gift again!

Click Here to Send a Mystery Gift Now!

World Cup Semifinal: Brazil vs Germany!

Get ready for this match between Brazil and Germany!

Get ready for this match between Brazil and Germany!

Get ready for this exciting match, as Germany faces off against Brazil in Arena Corinthians, São Paulo.

During the match, the Flag of Brazil and the Flag of Germany will both be made DOUBLE POINTS [x2]

Show your country pride, with a Spirit Gift which will not only turn your nick BLUE, but also put your country’s flag next to your nick!

Show your Brazilian spirit for 24 hours!

Spirit of Brazil with Blue nick and Brazilian Flag icon

Show your German spirit for 24 hours!

Spirit of Germany with Blue nick and Brazilian Flag icon

Choose Brazil

Choose Brazil

Choose Germany

Choose Germany

Remember, Spirit gifts will last for 24 hours each – You can have a maximum of 4 of the same spirit gift on your profile at a time, for a total of 4 days. You can only have 1 type of spirit gift at a time.

World Cup: Quarter Finals!

Get pumped, and GET LOUD for the World Cup Semifinals!

It’s getting closer and closer to the World Cup finals! As we start the quarter finals, we’re going to help you get pumped for your country!

Show your team pride with a Spirit gift, which turns your nickname BLUE and give you your country flag next to your nick in the chat! Everyone will know who you support!

Plus, during the match, the playing country’s regular flag gifts will be made DOUBLE POINTS until the end of the match!

Get your BLUE NICK and Spirit Flag HERE:

Get a blue nick with the Spirit of Germany


Get a blue nick with the Spirit of Brasil


get a blue nick with the Spirit of Argentina


Get a blue nick with the Spirit of The Netherlands


vs vs vs vs

Get a blue nick with the Spirit of France


Get a blue nick with the Spirit of Colombia


get a blue nick with the Spirit of Belgium


get a blue nick with the Spirit of Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Note: Spirit gifts with flag icon and blue nick last for 24 hours each. Only one type of custom icon can be on a nick at a time.

Do You Have Team Spirit?


We know you’re excited about the World Cup. We also have World Cup Fever!

We decided that we should be able to show all of Camfrog who we’re cheering for!

Every day, the countries that have a match will have a special Spirit Flag gift available. This Spirit Flag will turn your nickname blue for 24 hours, and put your country’s flag next to your nickname!


When you go into your favorite chatroom to cheer your country, or trashtalk the other team, everyone will know who you support, because you’ll stand out in the list!

Spirit flags will only be available on the day that country plays, up until the time the game is over.

Announcing New LIMITED EDITION Virtual Gifts!

Celebrate Mother’s Day, Send a gift to someone special, introduce yourself to a new friend. Whatever the reason, make it special, with these new limited edition virtual gifts.

There are only a limited quantity of each of these gifts, so once they are gone, they won’t be available again, so be sure to hurry and hop on to these beautiful love gifts, before they’re all gone!

Click Here to view all Limited Edition Gifts

Send a beautiful Jeweled Bracelet to a friend, and their nick will turn PINK for 7 days!

Send a beautiful pink jeweled bracelet and turn your friends nick PINK!Turn your friend's nick PINK for 10 days with these beautiful DIAMOND Earrings!

Send a pair of super special Diamond Earrings to your special friend, and their nick will turn PINK for 10 days!