Start your own Camfrog Room!

Are you ready to open your very own live group video chat room on Camfrog?

Starting now, when you subscribe to Camfrog Hosting, everyone will know your status as the head honcho of the room, with your very own Room Owner badge!

Not only will you get Camfrog Extreme, or even Camfrog Gold with your subscription, but now you’ll even get an elite badge, only available to room owners!

Hop over to the Camfrog Room Hosting page to learn more, or to get started today!


7 thoughts on “Start your own Camfrog Room!

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      Is great, question —- I have my own room, from years back and I do not have the icon,

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      if my room is hosted rather than camfrog server we still have the badge ?

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      I like the idea both for something to recognize the main-owner of a room and for additional advertising for Camfrog Hosting. I have already seen the icon in a CF Hosted room. It looks small silver color looking and just like a loop above a house. It would be nice if it was something more distinguishable. Perhaps instead of a small icon to the left of a nickname, what about making the Red house Gold for the main-owner. Or, like in Monopoly maybe put a Hotel icon for the main owner of a room in place of the red house icon. I think your current icon needs work but it’s another good idea. I’ve been impressed by many things Camfrog has done and thank you for that.

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      This is something awesome by Camfrog to recongnize who uses the camfrog hosting rooms. Is it silver badge for 50,100 and 200 users? and gold badge for 500 and 1000 users? Thanks you, and great idea!

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