Service Announcement – Possible Downtime October 14th & 15th

Camfrog may be temporarily unavailable for a short time period on both October 14th and 15th.  The temporary outage will probably occur around 9PM PST on one or both of these days.  We are upgrading our servers to keep Camfrog hopping.

Thank you for using Camfrog.


2 thoughts on “Service Announcement – Possible Downtime October 14th & 15th

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      i need some help,im lovin camfrog but i have ran into a problem and i dont know how to fix it! i was on camfrog then i went to and installed it,then i started messing around with it and then popped up YOUR CAMFROG CLIENT MODULE HAS STOPPED WORKING! IT GAVE ME TWO OPTIONS ……….click here for a online solution to the problem…and… to shut this program down.

      I WOULD LOVE FOR SOMEONE TO CONTACT ME THREW MY EMAIL AND GET ME BACK ON TRACK! THANKS TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN……JDUBB1414… will let me on but when i try togo into a room this is when this problem happens!

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      i don’t know how i can make my nicknames again please tell me :s!

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