Server Upgrades for Camfrog 5.0

Unfortunately it is possible we may have a few outages as we upgrade our servers for Camfrog 5.0. We appear to be having a temporary outage right now.

Any downtime is unacceptable and we will do our best to avoid any in the future.

Thank you for supporting Camfrog.


9 thoughts on “Server Upgrades for Camfrog 5.0

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      It is very important to maintain informed, the ppl…

      Congratulations by Blog…

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      I tried to d/l the new 5.0 client software. Hitting the download button sent me over and tried to install 4.1 again. Same thing happens on the first mirror site also. The second mirror worked perfect. Love the changes on both pieces of software! Kudo’s to the developers!!

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      I’ve been having a hard time with the new camfrog 5.0…
      I’ll log on, which takes a few tries frequently….and when i get on, i’ll visit one or two rooms off the active server list…….and then it’s like i lose my connection…….i get the ACTIVE ROOM LIST error, i refresh the list……still no luck……….so i log off………..exit……..log back on……..and its good for another 2-3 rooms if i’m lucky……..

      i’m plugged into a linksys wireless router through the ethernet cable……..

      please help thanks

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      Please can anyone help?

      Camfrog has NO existing support at all!
      The forum at the site is unusable, you cant post on it!
      There are no contact links or anything……..

      Are they ever gonna update the site?

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      Hello again camfrog. I Ll thank you very mutch your speed answering. I have one more question about my serve rI have more tehen 25 room and I control them. Most of Turkish rooms all ages and 18+. there is a program I found on my log file like this [11:01:03] server: starting in PRO mode
      11:01:03] server: starting in PRO mode
      [11:01:03] Port bind(6005) failed – CLI
      [11:01:03] Port bind(6000) failed – CLI
      [11:01:03] Port bind(6001) failed – CLI
      [11:01:03] Port bind(6002) failed – CLI
      [11:01:03] Port bind(6003) failed – CLI
      [11:01:03] Port bind(6004) failed – CLI
      [11:01:03] Port bind(6005) failed – CLI
      [11:01:03] Port bind(6006) failed – CLI
      [11:01:03] Port bind(6007) failed – CLI
      [11:01:03] Port bind(6008) failed – CLI
      [11:01:03] Port bind(6009) failed – CLI
      [11:01:03] Port bind(6010) failed – CLI
      the problem is when i try to connect to my room it is not connecting, and there is I found on my log files like that .. by the way my 15 rooms I changeds somethinks from servers. I make it all server like one port, 6005 to till …….. before this it was like same problem but I dont relly know about why is this problem, my peoples are sometimes down from server or noone can connect to my server.
      I ll do what is the best choise for …. another way one of your guys can check it for me .. I will thank you very mutch
      best regards

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      Hello everyone,

      I have a small question the version camfrog server linux 4.0 will be when on line?

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      I am using a proxy connection connected throug a local area network.I want to use camfrog but it is not connecting. Plz help me and tell me how can i use.
      Reply me at

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