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Last month we published information on how to report a Windows Camfrog client problem directly to our development team.  Now with Camfrog Client 1.7 (Mac OS X) you can also report problems directly to our Mac OS X development team.

When having a problem with Camfrog Client (Max OS X) go to the “Camfrog Video Chat” menu next to the Apple menu at the top of your screen.  In that menu choose “Generate File for Technical Support”.  A window will appear that asks you to give a short description of the problem you are having along with your email address.  Please give a short but detailed description about what problem you are having along with instructions on how we can recreate this bug.  Next submit your bug report and we will investigate and try to solve the problem you are having.

You may or may not get an email reply from our development team, but your bug reports are very useful to us and we really appreciate them.  We would like to thank all Windows and Mac users who have submitted bug reports.  Thank you for helping us keep Camfrog stable and fun to use.


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      i have a apple. os x 10.5.6. camfrog 1.7
      since 1.7, i have problems with sound. soundflower audio routing don’t work and i can’t speak in the room too. it worked very well with 1.5 and 1.6
      since 1.7, people appears in the room, but few minuts later in the chat list…
      What can i do… i would like do stay with 1.7…

      thanks for your answer.

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      I’ve just installed/upgrade to camfrog 1.7 (pro user).on my mac osx 10.4.11
      I noticed that there are no sound and also a white blank image on my video(cam).
      What is the problem? How can i fix it?


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      camfrog: please… the new version is experiencing major bugs. it runs excessively slow. what are minimum requirements for this to work on our macs? on what kinds of macs with what specs are you testing the new mac version of cam? it’s as if you’re using super-charged macs for your testing while some of us out here are running with the basics; even, if we’re running macbooks with 2gb ram. what is going on? why so slow? something’s really missing, here. please say something to us about this. it’s been going on for quite some time. please help. thank you.

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      I’m running Mac OS 10.4.11 on a 2ghz Intel Core Duo Mac Book and have Camfrog 1.7 and I’m a pro user. There is a white image instead of my web cam. I’ve downgraded to Camfrog 1.3 and it seems to be fine. My cam works fine on other programs such as Skype and iPhoto so I know its not my cam, it has to be Camfrog. How can I fix this problem?


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      I downloaded camfrog video chat version 5.2 when i click on the help button on “about camfrog video chat”, it says it is not activated… cam shows nothing but colours (blocked out) and when i go to a room, all users show hidden and also doesn’t show the cams…i have had camfrog before but i removed it, now decided to bring it back and it doesn’t work….ive tried everything, including making sure that i am only using 1 firewall, and also turning the one im using off, nothing helps. can u help? thank you

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      I am an avid user of Camfrog for a few years on the Windows platform and was very happy, I just bought a Mac and downloaded your Camfrog Pro for Mac but notice I cannot sort users in a room eg. male /female etc. Why is this. Please include this feature.

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      I can’t run programme

      I use Mac OS X 10.5.6

      camfrog 1.7 didn’t work ! T^T

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      I Upgraded to the most recent mac version of camfrog, but now when I try to log into almost all chat rooms I get an error saying that I was disconnected. When I click reconnect i get the same error. I have emailed tech support numerous times about this over the last few weeks, and havent gotten a response. please help! Thanks! My user is trvo03333.

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      I’ve downloaded camfrog 1.8.2859 for mac and when i try viewing webcams or even just messaging in rooms or private messaging someone it always tells me that i need camfrog pro to use [cam, messaging, etc.] is it always like that? should i need to buy before i can use even the freeware camfrog software?

      am a first time user coz a friend of mine told me to downloaded and use camfrog instead of the “other” s/w…

      follow-up please.. thanks,.

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      I was a happy user of Camfrog for WindowsXP.
      Since I bought my new iMac and switched to the Mac OS X version of Camfrog…well, you can fgure it out. It’s a real mess!
      It keeps on hanging, I can’t browse rooms’ useres by simply pressing a letter on the keyboard, poor contacts list management, no ‘user-name,’ copy/paste option on right-click…it’s very bad developed. Sorry to say that.
      I would NEVER spend a cent on buying pro version of it.

      Need MAJOR improvements.

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      i’m a camfrog using ever since…in windows & in imac(office), the problem is i can’t re-join the room i was in..i was kick once but my ip is not banned..but in the other room there’s not problem joining in…HELP!

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