Remote Access & 5.3


There has been some confusion about Camfrog remote access and Camfrog client 5.3.  Some users have complained that they can no longer use remote access with the new 5.3 client, but this is not true.

To use remote access as usual go to your Camfrog settings then choose additional, and then choose to always broadcast video in private calls.

To use Camfrog as a remote security webcam go to your general settings then look for “remote access”. Make sure you set a secure password.


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      yes, it is partially remote access. yes you can use a password to connect to another user but requires the other end to allow access for their camera to stream. it kinda defeats the purpose of remote access with a password if it still requires permission to stream

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      I have pro camfrog but when I go in private call, I get sound but the cam of the other person does not open. It stay minimized in the tray. I can see the cam if I leave my mouse over the tab on the tray but only in classic size and I lose it if I take out my mouse over the tab.

      Is it because the person called has not place the setting of “always broadcast video in private calls.” or something else altogether?

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