Phishing Email Alert – Fake Esellerate Order Email

Yesterday our helpdesk began to get email bounces from a phishing email that appears to be sent from Morocco.  The email makes itself look like it’s an Esellerate order for Camfrog Pro, but the download link is changed where it links to a virus hosted by an ISP in France.

We have been working hard to shut the site down and hopefully it will be down soon.

If you received an order email with the name Annabelle for Camfrog Pro and you made no order then please disregard the email and do not click any links in the email.

Thank you.


7 thoughts on “Phishing Email Alert – Fake Esellerate Order Email

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      Thank you , info =)

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      thank you 🙂

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      Thanks for the Update i’ll post it on my forum

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      Got a question for ya …. the blog is great.. even facebook and twitter great.. the RSS feed we can use is great too.. but how about having a suto RSS feed that we can enable on our friends list and choose to see what new updates or warnings that we should be carefull from… or a bot that will send a PM with live up to date issues that we should know.. incase a camfrog server goes down and people wonder why they cant sign on …

      Just an idea

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      Zoomshorts account hijacked ! Do not respond to anything Zoomshorts sends you. It is NOT ME.

      close the IM, alt F-4 the window. I am hoping Camfrog bans the entire country from which this crap originates, but … We shall see. Delete Zoomshorts. It is NOT ME.

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      Zoomshorts, your new password was emailed to you.

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      Camfrog is really fast in their response and they always do good work. Many people fault them, but I have had great responses from them in situations like this. They do great work !!!

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