SuperCamfrog Super Demo Room

If you would like to see how Super mode works please download Camfrog 5.0, then join the “SuperCamfrog” room to try our demo. You can also find this room under “Camfrog Hosted” in the North America zone.

Camfrog Translated

Camfrog 5.0 now includes German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, and Turkish languages built into the client. Go to the “actions” menu and choose “Change Language” to choose a different language. You can find detailed instructions and more updated language packs to download here. Did you find an […]

Camfrog Server 4.0 Bandwidth Usage

We have worked carefully on the new version of Camfrog Server and Client to make sure our software actually uses less bandwidth, not more. This way your hosting fees will stay the same, or possibly decrease. The new Camfrog Server software allows you to set your room to three different […]

Camfrog 5.0 Features

Camfrog 5.0 is finally launched! should update today or tomorrow with the new software version. All room owners should update their Camfrog Server software to version 4.0 as soon as possible, otherwise the users who visit your room with the new 5.0 Camfrog client cannot enjoy the new features. […]

Server Upgrades for Camfrog 5.0

Unfortunately it is possible we may have a few outages as we upgrade our servers for Camfrog 5.0. We appear to be having a temporary outage right now. Any downtime is unacceptable and we will do our best to avoid any in the future. Thank you for supporting Camfrog.

Welcome to the Camfrog Blog

We have added a blog to Camfrog so we can post all kinds of fun and interesting Camfrog news. As you have probably noticed our website has been updated for our new 5.0 release. When the new Camfrog client and server are released in the next few days I will […]