New Camfrog Pro Serial Changes Starting December 10th

Starting December 10th all Camfrog Pro client, server, and bot serial numbers will only work with one nickname at a time.  The Camfrog Terms of Service have always made it clear that shared serials will be deactivated and they will not be replaced.

We decided to make this change because we found some Camfrog users were sharing their Camfrog Pro serial with their friend, then their friend would share the serial number with someone else and the serial number would eventually deactivate due to sharing.  With this new Camfrog Pro serial number system in place it will be even clearer that Camfrog Pro serials have always been and will always be for one person only.

Please note that Camfrog Pro serials use an extremely high level of encryption similar to what online banks use and they cannot be guessed or stolen.  Please don’t download files from strangers and never submit your serial number in an online web form unless the domain is because it’s probably a phishing website that will steal your serial number.  We never ask users for their serials unless there is a problem and only if the user contacts us first.  Please review our Camfrog Security Tips page.


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      Without all the mathamatics, and jargon, which I must say was pretty impressive to anyone who could be bothered to read it, heres the basic facts and figures (so any idiot can understand

      Average room cost per month $20
      Average Pro Server $237

      My mathamatics makes that roughly about 11 months to make up for original outlay of $237. Some small Hosters on here just don’t have the capabilities to pay for one code and wait for a year to cover that sort of cost, let alone 3 or 4 codes which near enough totalling over $1000!!!!

      So whats your point, I am struggling to understand Anthony, Hosters want to invest in camfrog, but I know for one, I will not be going in a minus ballance to do it, and wait 11 months to cover the costs back. All we ask for is a little commonsense.

      Discounted to match new rules or a Discounted amount based on codes bought, maybe Anthony could work out you finances to make this pheasible, and Camfrog profit so other chat programs wouldn’t need to buy you out.

      I hope I have got my point across Anthony 🙂

      All I can say without writing my life story of Business ethics is, time will tell, wether with the price hike Camfrog will survive another 6 years, but I doubt it, there’s Hoster’s refusing to purchase more codes, some for what ever reason are not being able to post on this Blog, and to my calculations I have been told 5 large Hosters who have a combined rooms off 1200 are in this list. What happens if someone does create a better camfrog, it would be to little to late simple.

      PS: My Blog cost me $40 (less than 1 pro code) a year to

      Please bring spell check back pretty please Craig (with a cherry on top)


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      You can share a any Pro Code bought before 10th Dec (even though you were advised not to in your origianl emails)

      But after the 10th Dec 2010, codes will only work once, and once only bro, im guessing like if you used the old code three times you will be automatically kicked off.

      Camfrog’s reason for this is to many Pro Codes were being shared causing codes to be de-activated, bringing Camfrog Admin work to reactivte them, I personally think theres more into it than that, but thats only my opinion.

      Hope this helps.


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      I think so, my friend Pete! 😉 Yeah.. there will most likely be “Operation Pro Codes” following the 10th Dec policy. Lolz. Shared codes will be invalided after several crashing only, let say, 5 times. 🙂 More severely, I dunno this will be possible or not, shared pro Bots and Servers will be targets of the “purge”operation . If that so, say good bye to 100 rooms & 100 bots of yours. 😉 But, I hope not. Any comment on this, Admin?


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      Pete every business has costs, intact just today I paid out over 6000€ just in software licensing for one of our development projects not to mention copyrighting costs to come soon aswell.
      By my calculations to male that 6000€ back I will need to sell 12 systems BUT I also need to pay other bills like developers and techs and support staff so I am looking at over 30 sales just to make back that money without profit.
      It is the same priceable for room hosts. The good old business saying “You have to spend money to make money”
      In all fairness the Internet can be both a lucrative and expensive area to operate in. In fairness you would be better off renting a shop space and selling spoons. You would make more money in less time.
      In my mind camfrog is looking after it’s product and profit margin.
      Development is NOT cheap and neather is hosting on the scale camfrog is operating.
      I stand by my defence of the pricing and EULA of Camfrog a f believe it for the better

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      I totally understand what your saying Anthony, and like I say the larger Hosters have spent a lot of money and can cover large overheads (codes / servers).

      But I am fighting also for the smaller Hosters, who have some good rooms and clients, I can not see how they will cope with the 50% rise in codes, because really in a way it is a 50% rise as it will be one room per code not two.

      I have said before I will love to invest in camfrog, but sensibly, that’s means not spending everything I make just for Camfrog overheads and development. I like Camfrog have put hours, months even years of hard work into camfrog, so people have good, safe and stable rooms.

      And trust me with over $8,000 already spent on Server/Bot Codes I have shown my commitment to helping Camfrog and there Developers and Techs and also there Staff (which I must say, I do get a fair backing from, but not all).

      Hosting is getting more expensive as it is, due to trying to combat DDoS attacks, hackers and idiots messing with Servers, and this does not come cheap, so let see these Developers help us Hosters if they want us to invest more money into the program, help us to help you.


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      NoDramaUK is bad and rip big time and hack plus steal people’s money!

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      CamfrogRockon use your real camfrog nick, come and tell me to my face or shut the f*** up.

      Sorry Camfrog, but thats how you deal with idiots like that, oh love how you let him post his message, but not others who have something decent to talk about, and spend a lot of money on your Pro Codes then again am I suprised…………….not really……

      Anyone else want to waste there breath trying to knock me down, but it’s all good, I care not………..

      PS: Send your proof to camfrog CamfrogRockon aka-nugget or go and play with the traffic, or better still go to paltalk hahaha!!!!

      Pete 🙂

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      NodramaUK, That’s what u are lookin for drama is u use bad word, people will see it.. it not nice also u were not nice to people who steal and rip off.. that which is wrong.. camfrog will have check on ur server and this…

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      Nah not Drama, if you have something to say to me, don’t use the official camfrog Forum u moron, no one is interested. Be a man and use my message box.

      Convo closed!!!!

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      Here is Drama cuz u love that word… i am sure people seen that convs… i am here to protect the good people from bad hosting and steal thier money.. sorry, i have to stand up and make sure people see that..

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      You cant even spell, or even right in proper English, so be quiet and sit in the corner, still waiting for you to use your real name!!!!

      I’m guessing your a ex Room Owner we closed for either violation of TOS or Non Payment..lolzzzzzz

      Plus you best warn the 203 Rooms we already Host on Camfrog there being Hosted by a Rip-Off Merchant, but be ready for some bad feed back, contrary to your mixed up sense of English jargon, or encrypted message, we have a good reputation and service, price and quality. Lets hope we can carry on providing this, depending on these Code Prices.

      Anyways, something worth talking about is there any update with the 6.0 release by the way Craig????

      And thanks for the Spell Check back Craig, to sort out my super fast typing, but a bit pointless with the above though, the sentence does not even make


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      NoDrama ,Anthony think’s good,no got beat on PC, non evil will we be relax ;)) without PC.

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      Anthony, I know very well, I used to Op besides him.

      It’s all good Casper, we were having a good debate, till some moron spoilt it.

      Hope your well Casper 🙂

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      I host alot of rooms more than u, cuz i only got good deal for people 🙂

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      Hense your causing the drama, lets hope your hosting is better than your English grammar skills 🙂

      I could of guessed u were another Hoster, but it’s all good nothing wrong with competition, not that you obviously are, as you can’t even use your camfrog nick *winks*

      Pete 🙂

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      I keep laugh at u… 🙂 keep ur talkin runs… winks back!

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      NoDrAmaUK sir, You make alot of sense in here. And I think the future for Camfrog is hmmmm “on the edge”???? Not until Camfrog allowed the 2 rooms per server code did the amount of rooms explode. And that was mainly due to people as yourself that made that investment to give so many their own room.

      Get this. I ordered a room on frogfriends ok? On the 8th of this month. Have not heard a word back. Paid em $63 for the 3 months. It has nothing to do with the money amount. It is that I paid for a service and did not recieve the srvice. So I have had to dispute it thru paypal. When I get my money back I will look elsewhere. And yes I am going to check out what ya have on that great new website.

      Last but not least. I think I saw a few people mention that Camfrog was or did not make any money? When the acquisition occured BOTH company’s had been making a profit for years.

      And now I must leave my simple opinion’s and get back into the room I usually exist at.

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      Thank you for your kind words, all we want to do is Host, but not at a lost against the time and effort we put into it, we just want to try and provide good rooms at the right price.

      I can not comment on other Hoster’s, and it would be unprofessional of me to do so, we just look after what we do, how we do it, and all our Room Owners, there our priority, not the competition (not that there’s many)

      Speak to you soon,

      Craig’s gone quiet I see, any update on the ideas we have regarding the Codes / Take Over / Version 6.0 etc…

      Bring back the Forum, so we have a open discussion board on many subjects please, I am sure some of us will have some good ideas which Camfrog could look into and maybe use to make Camfrog safer and more profitable.


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      Hello Yogi_Da_Bear,

      We have received your complaint at Paypal.

      Due an error at Paypal IPN, the system not show up your order to our admins, and cause the experienced delay.

      We have refunded the money for you, and I will open your room for free due the next 3 months.

      It’s a courtesy from frogFriendsHosting just to say, sorry for this problem.

      Rafael Ribeiro

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      A very nice gesture of goodwill Viper. Paypal can cause us Hosters alot of problems, we have also been there, as this is also one of our sources of payment available.

      Glad its all sorted Yogi, speak soon maybe 🙂


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      Hey food for thought; I along with many users on this application hate the Script kiddies that find it funny to ddos people. But an idea that may help is the idea of changing the mac ban application to also include small things like hard drive serials. What i’ve done on my servers is have a logbook of users ip and usersnames so if i need to remove them from the server i just add the ID number my server assigns to a user and they can’t get back in (uses the bot application) it helps but it doesn’t help against the DDOs but it does help them from not getting back into the rooms..

      Or you can start banning the proxy lists and programs they use to get back on. most of them are running proxys now – a -days.

      I am a programmer along with a network tech. I dont mind helping with implimentation or anything else for that matter just hit us up. we have a team of 12 that are willing to help.

      just food for thoguht

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      Tried this???

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