Logon Problems October 8

It appears some users are having trouble logging on to Camfrog but the vast majority are having no problems at all.

We are unable to recreate the issue even after testing from several remote locations.  It may be network problems with our host.  Hopefully we will find the cause soon if it’s something within our control.  If it’s network problems then hopefully they should correct themselves in the next hours.

Thanks for your patience.  Hop on!

Update:  We found some DNS issues from a server upgrade and logons should be working again as your DNS updates.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Update October 13: We had an unexpected network problem with our data center.  Everything seems to be OK now, but until we find the cause we may have another outage.


52 thoughts on “Logon Problems October 8

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      I would love to know where all of you are getting your procodes from. If you are not getting them directly thru Camfrog itself and the website? You are taking chances then. If you order directly thru the website you will get a reciept and also a verification email with the new code and items related to a lost code and all that stuff. It is like when Win7 came out. Who you going to buy it from? Microsoft or your OEM? Or do you go to JohnDoe Systems and he says his new Win7 is the same as Microsofts, and he got it at a discount. He may also say he needs to install it, and not leave you the CD.

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      What is going on with Camfrog? 3 days now and none of the CF based rooms are online. If we are valued customers you would think that there would be some sort of announcement as to what is going on. Obviously Paltalk don´t give a damn about CF customers and is more bothered about expanding at any cost. We have the right to know what is going on!

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