Is Your Camfrog Pro Expiring Soon?

Is your Camfrog Pro subscription expiring soon?

You don’t have to wait for it to expire to renew your subscription for another year.
To find out how much time you have remaining, just open your buddy list window, go to the “Camfrog” menu, and choose Help->About. You will see a window like this that shows how much time is remaining:

To extend your subscription, you can visit our Registration Page, or talk to a live sales operator in the GetCamfrogPro chatroom to purchase another year subscription, then just enter your new Camfrog Pro license code, by opening your buddy list window, and going to the Camfrog Menu, and click “Activate Camfrog Pro”
This will merge your existing subscription time onto your new code (and deactivate the old code) so you don’t miss out on any time with your Camfrog Pro Subscription.

If you have any questions, our Helpdesk team is always ready to assist you. Just contact us at


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