Happy Halloween!

A pair of rascally frogs dressed as a Witch and a Vampire came Trick-or-Treating early and played a trick on us. They put a spell on our website to make Halloween virtual gifts x3 points! I can’t believe my eyes!

Quick! Get an HD Frog Vampire or Witch, Black Raven, or a Scary Grave that is worth a whopping 225 points!
Get a scare with a Jack-O-Lantern, a Scary Ghost, or a treat with some Halloween Candy – all worth 90 points!

Get one of these x3 Point treats quick though, because the sands of time will make this mischievous spell end on the night of Halloween (October 31st)

Edit 10/31 8:23PM :
Some users have reported un-delivered vgifts. We apologize for this delay. These will be delivered with x3 points shortly. Thanks all for your support!


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