Get Bonus Gift Points Every Time You Send a Gift!

Until August 30th, if you send any virtual gift to another user, you will get a special bonus!

Any time you send a gift, you will automatically receive 1/3rd of the gift points that you send. For example:

If you send a Golder User (Worth 30 Gift Points) You will automatically receive 10 gift points on your own nick. (The receiver will still get the regular amount of points)

Note: You will not receive this bonus if you are sending a virtual gift to your own nick, only when sending gifts to other users.

Use these bonus gift points to increase your Gift Status Badge

Send a Virtual Gift to a Friend Now!

Remember, the more gifts you send, the more bonus points you get on your own nick!

This bonus points promotion will be available until 11:59PM August 30th.


Happy Gifting!


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