Earn Free Coins For Your Room!

By popular demand, we’ve brought back this fun way for rooms to get free coins!

Now, your Camfrog room will automatically get free bonus coins every time someone sends and receives a virtual gift while in your room!

You don’t even have to do anything special, as long as the gift sender and receiver are both in your room, your room will get free coins!

You can view how many coins your room has earned, and how many coins are available now, just login to http://www.camfrog.com with your room name, and go view your profile/frogfeed!


If you don’t have your own Camfrog room yet, you can start one now, it’s fast and easy! Click here to start your own Camfrog Room (You’ll also get free Camfrog Extreme or Camfrog Gold when you sign up!)


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