All Systems Go for Camfrog Cloud!

Our engineers have been working around the clock for the last couple days resolving issues in our datacenters. We’re glad that their work has paid off, and Camfrog Cloud is now back up an running with more power than ever!

We of course understand that downtime for a monthly subscription is unacceptable, and so we have extended all Cloud rooms that were online before we went down by 30 days automatically. You won’t have to do anything special, just join your room and have a great time chatting!

If you have any questions, you can contact our Helpdesk at any time:

Our users are what makes Camfrog the best place to Videochat. As always, we are grateful for your patience, and continued support.

You can download Camfrog Cloud Server to try it for free from our website – Check it out!

Important Announcement about Camfrog Cloud


As you may have noticed, our main hosting provider for Camfrog Cloud Servers has been having some network issues since last night. We would like to apologize for any downtime that is occurring due to this, and assure you that our engineers are, and have been working non-stop to resolve this as soon as possible.

We will update you further when we have more information available.

UPDATE 6/14:  If you are still having difficulties logging in with your Linux server, you can try the following temporary work-around(requires root access)


echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_window_scaling

UPDATE 6/15: Our upstream provider (Internet Provider/datacenter) has to do some routing updates that could take several more days. We should be back online by early next week.

We would like to again remind everyone, that all cloud Pro rooms will automatically have extra time added to their serials, or you can contact with your order information and we will issue you a full refund for this.


Thanks for your continued support and loyalty. Keep on Frogging!

The Camfrog Staff

Camfrog Cloud Scheduled Maintenance and Downtime

Update 5:30pm: Camfrog Cloud is now restored after some unexpected network problems. Thanks for your patience!

Update 4:55pm: We ran into a few difficulties while doing this maintenance. We’re working to restore Camfrog Cloud Server as soon as possible.

UPDATE 2:10pm: Maintenance/upgrade has been moved up to 2:30PM

This evening at approximately 2:30PM EST we will be doing some scheduled maintenance and upgrades for Camfrog Cloud Service. Due to this scheduled maintenance, we will have approximately 1 hour downtime for Camfrog Cloud Servers, while we perform this upgrade.

Important Note: Only Camfrog Cloud Server will be affected by this. Self-hosted Camfrog Servers will not be affected by this downtime.


We thank you for your patience, while we work to make Camfrog the best place to videochat. If you have any questions, you can contact our helpdesk

Video Changes on Camfrog

Dear Camfrog Members,

Our goal has always been to provide a quality video chat platform that is easy to use and safe for all our visitors.   We want Camfrog to be the place that people go to discuss their interests, meet new people and connect with old friends.

For Camfrog to be a well-lit and safe place for users of all ages, we are required to limit video streams in the 18+ category for unpaid members.   By requiring credit card verification, we are taking an important step in ensuring that mature content is viewed only by those 18 and older.

Current Camfrog Pro subscribers will not be affected and will continue to get unlimited video in all categories.  Unpaid users will need to upgrade to Camfrog Pro to see webcam video in the 18+ category.

Please Note: This does not impact the General, Deaf and Camfrog categories – unpaid users will still have access to unlimited viewing of 1 free video window.

Camfrog Upgrade Warning

Please upgrade your Camfrog clients and server versions as soon as possible.  Starting today old Camfrog clients and servers will begin to be blocked so all users can participate in our new audio modes, and use our most up to date video technology.

Camfrog Server:  Please use version 5.0.282 or newer.

Camfrog Client:  Please use our newest client 6.0.110.  A new Mac client will be out soon.

Upgrade your Camfrog Client & Camfrog Server as soon as possible.

New Camfrog Server Available (Linux & Windows)

A new version of Camfrog Server for Linux and Windows is now available for download.  This new version has many miscellaneous bug fixes, plus it brings back the server restart button in the control panel due to popular demand.

Please upgrade all your servers as soon as possible.  Old server versions may begin to be blocked starting in June.

Download Camfrog Server – LinuxWindows

Planned Maintenance 10PM CST 3/15

Tonight at 10PM we plan to upgrade our servers.  The Camfrog website logon and older Camfrog clients may not work for four hours or longer.  Camfrog 6.0 clients may have less issues since the 6.0 client has been updated with a more efficient logon setting that older clients do not have.

Update March 16 – Unfortunately we had some issues last night during our maintenance that caused our expected logon problems to last longer than we anticipated.  It’s possible we may have some unexpected logon or website issues as we continue maintenance today, but hopefully they will be temporary.  Thank you for your patience.

Logon Problems October 8

It appears some users are having trouble logging on to Camfrog but the vast majority are having no problems at all.

We are unable to recreate the issue even after testing from several remote locations.  It may be network problems with our host.  Hopefully we will find the cause soon if it’s something within our control.  If it’s network problems then hopefully they should correct themselves in the next hours.

Thanks for your patience.  Hop on!

Update:  We found some DNS issues from a server upgrade and logons should be working again as your DNS updates.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Update October 13: We had an unexpected network problem with our data center.  Everything seems to be OK now, but until we find the cause we may have another outage.

Camfrog Outage 5/17

Early this morning we planned to release a central server update that would allow Camfrog for iPhone users to receive push notifications to their phones.  Unfortunately we ended up having unexpected problems and we had a two hour downtime.

After the unexpected problems we found yet another problem where some users could not see videos from other users.  We just now disconnected all Camfrog rooms to solve this problem.  If you are seeing the message that you can’t see another user due to an old version please try signing your client on and off again.

If you are still having problems please let us know.  Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

Update 5/18 – The internal video chat room list and room locator service will be offline until tonight sometime between 9PM and midnight CST.  Sorry for any inconvenience. We could reboot the entire system to solve this immediately, but we would prefer to fix this tonight instead and avoid a reboot.  Please note that you can join any rooms manually as usual from your contact list or you can visit to view the list of rooms.

Update 5/29 – There seem to be some network problems for some users in the US, EU, and Asia.  Hopefully they will clear up soon, sorry for any inconvenience.  If you are already on Camfrog you will not see any problems however if you try to sign on now you may see a long delay.  Just be patient and your client will eventually sign on again.

Update 5/30 – It appears the logon problem has returned.  It will probably continue to happen intermittently until our network provider finds the cause.  If they do not find the cause soon we will plan to switch providers.

Update 5/31 – Our team has been working for over 40 hours now during the US Holiday while trying to determine a way to solve this problem.  When they find a solution I will update you.  Any downtime is unacceptable and we spend major time and money to make sure it never happens, but this situation is unique and unexpected in a way we could never prepare for in advance.

Update 5/31 (2nd Update) – Our team is still trying to solve the problem.  I will probably not update again until we have made some progress.  Thanks for your patience.

Update 6/2 – We think we have determined the cause of the problem.  Changes have been made to avoid the problem in the future, but we cannot promise the problem will not resurface.  Ribbit.