New: Camfrog PRO for iPad

Camfrog Video Chat for iOSWe are super excited to announce our new iPad app:

Camfrog PRO for iPad!

With Camfrog Pro, you can now see everything that goes on in your favorite chatrooms, with multiple video windows! Not only will you be able to see all your friends, with live, super-fast video, you’ll also have your nickname show up as bold pro user to everyone else in the room!

Camfrog Pro for iPad also supports our new streaming technology, so you can have even faster, better quality video.

We have been working hard to bring this out, and we just know you’re going to love it as much as we do. It makes videochatting on your iPad even more fun than before!

Visit the App Store to get going today with Camfrog PRO for iPad!


Camfrog for iOS – Now with Video in Rooms!

Camfrog for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) has just been updated!

This new update includes our #1 most recommended feature: Video in rooms!

Now with the Camfrog app, you can join any all ages room, and broadcast your video, and see other users as well!

If you don’t already have Camfrog for your iPhone or iPad, just search the app store for Camfrog, or visit our Download page for more information

Note: You will not be able to join 18+ chatrooms with video.

This update today (June 6th) fixes a bug that caused some users to crash when trying to video chat. Please update for free today!

Camfrog Video Chat Beta Now in Google Play Store

Camfrog Video Chat Beta is now available in the Google Play store!

If you already have Camfrog Video Chat installed on your Android Phone, please uninstall it before downloading from Google Play

Be sure to show how much you love Camfrog by rating it in the Google Play Store!


Download Camfrog Video Chat Beta from Google Play

or scan the QR Code from your phone with your favorite barcode scanner.

Camfrog for Android is Here!

The wait is finally over! We just released Camfrog Video Chat for Android.

Some of the features in this new free app include P2P Video and audio calls, full IM functionality, and audio in rooms.

Since this is our initial public release of this new app, we welcome any feedback you have. We are constantly working on updating this, and adding cool new features.

Download Camfrog for Android

or scan the QR code from your Android Phone

iCamfrog Update!

iCamfrog version 2.2.7 is now available in the App Store

Some of the changes include

  • Top gifted users (see the special status icons!
  • Added support for Bluetooth headsets
  • Several other bugfixes

Please note, this is not fully compatible with iOS-5 yet. We are currently working on adding full iOS-5 support. Stay tuned!

Also note that we are discontinuing support for Camfrog VoiceChat now that we made the Camfrog VideoChat app available for free

Update now! We always welcome your feedback!

Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone Tips

Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone has been available for several days now in the Apple App Store.  Please download Camfrog Voice Chat if you haven’t already.  There are a few other interesting things you can do with our iPhone app that you may not have realized.

Camfrog iPhone Tips

1.  Settings – To get to the Camfrog Voice Chat settings go to your iPhone settings, then scroll down to where it says “Voice Chat”.

2.  Allow Screen Dimming – Are you tired of the Camfrog screen always dimming while you are chatting?  You can stop all screen dimming while using Camfrog.  Please note you may use more battery power while using this setting.

3.  Incoming Message Sounds – You can turn incoming instant message sounds on and off.

4.  Phone Mode – Do you want to talk to your friend privately via audio chat but you don’t want everyone in the room to hear?  Switch to phone mode and you can speak to your friend just like when you are talking on the phone.  The audio will work through the normal phone speaker and microphone.  Once this setting is on hold the phone to your face normally like you would with a normal phone call.

We hope you’re enjoying the new iPhone app.  We hope to introduce private video in the future along with other features.  Thanks for using Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone.

Download Camfrog Voice Chat (iPhone)