Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone Now Available

Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone is now available in the Apple App Store.  Please give it a try and let us know what you think!

This new free Camfrog mobile voice chat software for iPhone allows you to register a Camfrog nickname or logon to your current nickname.  You can also IM your friends, voice chat privately with your contacts, voice chat in large voice chat rooms with lots of users, and browse the Camfrog user directory and message other users.

Some of you may ask why we have no video chat.  If the voice chat version is used by a lot of people and we receive a positive response we will probably add a one-on-one video feature, then consider adding a video chat room feature.  For now though we are still figuring out the most efficient way to add video to a small mobile screen and still stay within Apple App Store guidelines.

Some rooms that don’t allow users with webcams will not currently allow Camfrog Voice Chat mobile users, but we plan to add a setting to Camfrog Server in the future so you can allow in mobile users if you want.

Thanks for your patience and we hope you enjoy this new free software.

Download Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone FREE


24 thoughts on “Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone Now Available

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      Thank you very much

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      Working perfectly on my iPhone 3GS.

      But when in chat room i can’t reply im, there is no button for going back to contact list or im window there is only close button and leave the room.
      Another request is handfree button for talk within the room.

      Nice work Camfrog Team!

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      Sana you have also for android

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      Great work camfrog Team really have nice work always
      And now video call? 🙂

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      Super Camfrog Voice Chat for iPhone 😉

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      I have just installed camfrog voice chat on my ipod touch it works really well obviously there is no voice chat for ipod touch but the IM features work really really well and i have been able to use it with no errors overall i love it 😀

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      Spooks, supposedly if you buy an iPhone headset with the built in mic from Apple you can talk on mic this way and listen this way also, but we have not tested with the iPod touch. Perhaps you can buy one and confirm, and if it does not work you can probably just return the headset.
      Let us know if it works or not.


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      Hi, great work. This app was long-awaited.

      After testing on my iPhone 3G a few comments :
      – I miss the offline contacts in the list. They are only available through the search.
      – The first time testing it with another iPhone user the sound comes from the speaker at the bottom and there was a terrible back coupling. Then we both use our headphones which works quit well. After pluging out the headphones the sound came from the front speaker with no back coupling and excellent quality?
      – The application crash after ending a the first private call but it was not recoverable
      – Sometimes in a privat call the Enter Message Input lays behind the button for the camera not beneath

      I´t would be nice to send a picture from the library not only a fresh taken picture.

      Anyway, great work. Thanks for that. I´ll keep an eye on further developments.

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      I was keep playing with CAmfrog on Iphone! it is awesome!!

      but things need to be added

      – Nofication Alert when someone IM
      – Stay connect while switch to Home Screen or Sleep Mode
      – Save Password
      – Droplist of my nickname
      – Able to locate user what room they are in
      – When using kick,punish, or ban, it should popup window of Reason. That will be easy for me to type instead /kick frog “no nudity allow, this is an all ages room.
      – Need add 18+ Room List
      – IT will be nice if someone who using Camfrog Client on computer and try video call with iPhone user that they should get message “This person does not support with Video Call due using Camfrog on Mobile.”

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      Great work so far on this application one thing that bugs me about it is you don’t have a “keep alive” function so if i get a phone call it kicks me right offline.

      also for the chat rooms would be nice if we had an 18 + section or an ability to “save” rooms in our list.

      Besides that great job so far

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      Its FANTASTIC ..

      Great JOB – Congratullations

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      I think this is a GREAT iPhone camfrog software!

      There are a few features I hope to see for next version….

      Need the ICONS of faces on virtual keyboard for instant messenger.

      Should be able to view one to one video chat through IM. for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS users.

      Need to have all categories of ALL rooms countries to search list.

      Able to save multiple usernames and passwords.

      On my favorite rooms contact should be able to show how many users are in room just like in Category shows.

      Need to check for to keep connected while press Home button.

      Hope this will help you to make a better Camfrog to use on next version.

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      Windows Mobile

      Why can’t join room user WM , but have iphone *)
      We maybe next version for WMobile.


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      Now for the Android version !!!!!!!!!!

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      Nice app, it will surely rock the charts.

      Anyone knows how to change the room directory region?

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      hi admin add now support video call please 🙁

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      super thanks it works very good…

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      i love the app but its missing all the other categories for the other rooms, and is also missing the favorite chatroom list from your own nick name but overall its a great app. great job!!!!!

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      I just downloaded the app and have been testing it fully on a 32GB 3GS. The only suggestions i have atm is that the app chews through the battery power. And the video chat would be good. Other then that keep up the good work

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      Just installed it today and love it. As mentioned before though, when in a room there is no way to see who has IM’d you.

      If someone in the room has IM’d you and you know who it is you can press the “Users” button, press their name, go to IM and then see it and reply to them while staying in the room. At the moment that is the only way, otherwise you have to leave the room. So maybe an IM button at the top as well or a button somewhere which allows you to bring the main menu bar at the bottom up again while in the room.

      Other than that it’s great.

      Quick question… If you did impliment video in the future, how would that work for iPhone users? I know the camera can stream footage but when you point the camera at yourself you wouldn’t be able to see the screen, lol. Your thoughts?

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      Hybridxclusive, you can type in the room manually to join it.

      Custos, I agree the IM’s in rooms are frustrating and we are working on this. For video for iPhone users we will probably wait for the new iPhone with a front facing camera, otherwise it would not be optimal.

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      I can confirm that the Ipod Touch Does have audio with an Iphone Headset just plug in the headset and you can talk and listen using the headset 🙂

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      GR8 JOB good luck and we looking for more

      thanks a lot
      cam frog the best ever in all IM today

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