Camfrog Server BETA 5.0 (Windows) Released

Camfrog Server BETA 5.0 is now available for download.  This new Camfrog server version has a totally new interface that allows you to host an almost unlimited number of video chat rooms from your server.  You no longer have to run multiple versions of Camfrog Server to run multiple video chat rooms.

You can also now manage your rooms and servers remotely using our new software without having to logon to your remote server.

Switching ports on Camfrog Server startup is now easy and it won’t cause problems with the users already in your room.  As an added bonus, our early alpha testers have reported that this new software version uses even less CPU and resources than our old server.

Please download Camfrog Server 5.0 BETA and give us your feedback.  Please keep in mind this is a BETA release and not a final release.

Download Camfrog Server 5.0 BETA (Windows)

Update:  Please note this is a beta test and not a final version of the server software.  The old server version is still available and absolutely no changes have been made with Camfrog in any way.  We released this software update as a beta version to get feedback before releasing a final version and we appreciate your comments and take them seriously.

Happy New Year to everyone!


258 thoughts on “Camfrog Server BETA 5.0 (Windows) Released

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      Aus given the discussion that has gone before I think this is the right place to mention this.

      Our servers are fully equppied already with DDOS protection however there seems to be little in the way of preventing port flooding that any firewall or hardware solution can offer, either on Linux or Windows.

      We’ve left this matter in the hands of the Data Centre now and have been assured that apporpriate action will be taken, but given the debate that has gone on about hosters now needing to purchase more server codes, sadly I think this will become a more common occurrence.

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      End off the day we all have broke TOS as we all have used the codes twice, every hoster on this Blog site have done it, and we purchased over priced codes because we new we could or most od us would not have, whats camfrog going to do ban 80% of the hosters on camfrog, I like to see what happens if they do that.

      DDOS is a massive problem, and for the last 6 months I have been collecting information on the culprits attcaking mine, especially ones closer to home, and in the new year all this information, I will take down a few individuals who funny enough are now upset because there being DDOS attacked to.

      Im afraid DDOS attacks is part of camfrog and no matter what we do to protect against it, theres ways around it, I will now just log everything, my server companys are logging everything and I will take the appropiate action with proper channels in the new year spending my own money to put a stop to it.

      In the UK it’s a 6 year prison sentence for DDOS attacking, and I already have information on certain hosters and individuals to have them sent down for it.

      Camfrog can not really stop DDOS attacks, because it’s your data centre and ISP provider who need to take the appropiate messures as it’s there networks being attacked, some aint interested and some will back you all the way, lucky for me I have there backing and like I say I will in the new year be, which I hoped would not have to happen take some of these people down. which could possibly mean them ending up in prison, but they have themself to blame, and for the record I know some who have posted on here are the culprits but don’t worry, your going to have a very short new year.

      The net is catching up with you, no more mr nice guy!!!



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      The whole premise is this : Camfrog allowed us to have two servers per code on one server. Now the new software disallow’s this. Either Camfrog should continue with this ability, or they should lose 1/2 of their REAL rooms. Thsi is the end all and be all of the subject.

      Should Camfrog reject this, then it behooves us all to report any room that have:
      6. Obscene, nude or offensive photos, videos, and profiles are absolutely forbidden.
      This will cover ALL “adult” rooms. Make Camfrog do to those other rooms, what they do to you room hosters! Fair is fair!

      Let’s see how that works.

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      I find these threatening comments comical.

      Camfrog goes out of its way to develop a new server software so hosters can easily control large numbers of rooms with one simple interface and the response of two people on here is to make threats.

      I tested the new server software and found that if you have more than one server you can use the same serial on both servers so everything still works the same way. Maybe the two people complaining only have one server? Also the admin posted above that the old server software will still be available and work as it always has.

      Camfrog does not have to allow two rooms per serial, but they have done this for years and continue to do so. In return for allowing two rooms per serial to work all they get in return is threats.

      Two different people are threatening Camfrog that if Camfrog doesn’t openly allow software piracy they will cause them problems? If I was these individuals and companies I would be embarrassed and retract my remarks immediately. If you look up the penalties for software piracy in the UK and US you will find it’s no joke.

      “Illegal distribution and use of software can result in prison terms of up to five years, and felony charges with fines up to US$250,000. In civil litigation against those who illegally distribute Adobe software, Adobe can obtain the higher of its lost profits, the infringer’s profits, or statutory damages of up to $US150,000 per product infringed, plus Adobe’s attorney fees” I found this on Adobe’s website. NoDramaUK brags about sharing 60 codes above so it looks like Camfrog could easily get a judgment of $9 million against him in court if Adobe’s information is accurate. I think all Camfrog would have to do is take the posts from this guys Blog comments to court.

      I hope potential customers will read the threats from people like Zoomshorts and NoDramaUK and see the kind of people they are, then decide if that’s the kind of person or company they want to do business with.

      The people who are making threats may want to remember that you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and right now you seem to be spewing out vinegar everywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if the vinegar you are spewing comes back to bite you in the ass.

      Software piracy has real consequences and I think openly threatening Camfrog in a public forum and admitting software piracy is a very dumb thing to do.

      Happy New Year all.

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      Personally i believe the server development is an impressive step forward. The hosting companies make a small fortune, so stop complaining. You wouldn’t buy a Microsoft product and expect to use the serial twice now would you? I look forward to seeing how the new version develops.

      Looking forward to the Bot Beta too.

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      Jeff I host over 100 Rooms, they all host with me because im geniune, good value for money (well I hope that stays that way) and don’t hide behind a program or a false nick name, I have always used this name and hide from no one or my comments from no one, you either listen or don’t, really I don’t care, everyone is entitled to there opinion, unfortunatley some don’t dare give one, or the right one to make themself better.

      Simple fact is we all bought these codes knowing we could use them twice, if we couldn’t theres no way 90% of hosters on camfrog would of spent the money they have, I have always had my customers and camfrog interests at heart not mine, every room I rent is advertisement for camfrog.

      Yes I make money from hosting, who does not, lets face it, the hours and blood, sweat and tears involved with hosting, the Drama, DDOS,ing of Servers and Backstabbers I would never now do this as a hobbie!!!

      Without hosters there would be no camfrog, that’s the reason they put there software and serials on the market so they could invest that money back in to improving the software, which of course I welcome.

      Now if they were more resonably priced then we would not have a issue, windows 7 cost just over £100 and most software now allows you to use it on at least three PC’s, Nortons, Microsoft Office, and alot more need I say more???

      So get facts rights before you say 1 serial one room is more than worth it!!!

      Norton’s and Microsoft office also had this issue, reason they now allow it on 3 PC’s not just the one, and why, because they listened to the people who made them what they are today, and now fact they sell 48% more!!!

      And yes ive been doing my homework on this having contacts in the IT and Software Systems World with my job it gives me alot of good contacts, im just trying to make codes more realistic and affordable for hosters and private buyers, don’t forget users on camfrog buy codes and let hosters run the rooms and a reduced rate, so this will effect everyone. Camfrog will not loose out, but I am guessing they think they will, we buy more codes they don’t they make it one code per room, we don’t buy more codes, wont be us loosing out, be the whole of camfrog as they wont be able to invest in improving the program.

      I am not trying to tell camfrog or people on it what to do or not do, I am trying to help camfrog and the hosters and there users to make it even better than it is today but at a reasonable cost, and the amount off Ass Lickers on here makes me smile as you all use the code on two rooms, just your getting people like me to do your dirty work, which I am happy to do. Someone has to!!!!

      And Jeff read up there 14 hosters complaining not just two, and were not making threats, we all want camfrog to be better than it is to day, but keep everything as it is today, and let them try and sue me, every hoster will suffer because we all have done it, thinking there was nothing wrong in doing it.

      This is not a war against camfrog, and never will be, it’s a war in making camfrog the same as it has always been and improving the service with serial codes they sell to hosters like me, exactly the same on the new software is all we ask.


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      So not only do you openly commit and support software piracy but you make money doing it. Thanks for verifying that information! I hope Camfrog is reading this…

      If Camfrog needs money then I think they should go after you. $9 million is a nice chunk of change. I’m sure they couldn’t get the full $9 million out of you but maybe they could take your house, car, and anything else you have. The court case would be open and shut due to your brilliant comments on this Blog, LOL!

      I never said “1 serial one room is more than worth it” anywhere in my post. I said that the serials work the same way they always have and I verified this myself with my two servers (please note I do not engage in software piracy). I also said that Camfrog Server software works exactly the same as usual and I know this because I host rooms myself.

      Maybe part of the issue is due to you having reading comprehension problems. I think your threats are crazy, unnecessary, and ridiculous.

      I think it’s fair for a host to give serious feedback on the new software but you have taken it to a new unnecessary level and made serious threats and I think you deserve to be called out on it. I hope for your sake that your New Year doesn’t start out in a court room but I wouldn’t be surprised if it does.

      Making money from software piracy and openly bragging about it, LOL! Happy New Year, LOL!

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      We don’t need a flame war on New Years Day guys.

      I went ahead and disabled comments. If you have any further constructive comments please email them to us

      We take all your comments very seriously and I hope you are happy with the next server beta. When the next beta is released it will be posted here on the Blog.

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