Camfrog Server 6.2 Now Available

We just put out an update to Camfrog Server!

Camfrog Server 6.2 includes some bug fixes and stability enhancements, as well as System message localization, automatic recovery of media streams, and a built-in tool that checks if your server is accessible from the Internet.

Automatic recovery of media streams, means that if for some reason your webcam, or audio cuts out, or drops, it will automatically reconnect to the server.

The built in Accessibility check, simply verifies that your server is able to accept incoming connections from users over the internet, and that your firewall, or network is not blocking normal Camfrog activity.

Download Camfrog Server 6.2 from our download page and let us know what you think!


16 thoughts on “Camfrog Server 6.2 Now Available

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      hello,remote camfrog server ???? —->>> camfrog server 6.2 “yes o no”.thank you !

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      Will this correct Linux Server from loosing its MOTD after a reboot??

      And when will the Ban lists be saved on the Central Servers so when a room is moved everything transfers like the Op Lists??

      Great release and like the reconnect. Might help us Hoster’s fight against the ever increasing Flooder’s were dealing with.


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      After upgrading to new version camfrog server is unable to connect the central server :

      it only get stuck at the below message :
      [2012/10/06 01:48:50] Central Server: connecting room xxxxx…

      OS Linux

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      i am testing the new server version. i hope webcontrol bug is fixed now.
      I am looking for the other options, where can i find more information about ” as well as System message localization,” because i dont see any in the server settings, nor in the user guide ( pdf ) nor in the blog or on facebook. neither in the help files..

      I havent been able to test the auto connection option, but i am thrilled to find out about it.



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      GetCamfrog already updated to 6.2 !!

      Good job guys 🙂


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      Waw! nice update 🙂 and Please Update for Server Advanced too, for restart button in panel and nick carakter name , and Automatic recovery of media streams, means that if for some reason your webcam, or audio cuts out, or drops, it will automatically reconnect to the server.
      iam very love it version Advanced sofwer 🙂

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      As a programmer (c +) media streams created auto-recovery option of the notice, feedback options, the need to work a little more good work TRaKYaLiWeBMaSTeR (System Engineer MCSE)

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      great rollout frog but where the accessibility checker or is that automted thanks

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      very excellent program
      be successful in new version

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      …Still looking forward to Camfrog Advanced Server update being released with such improvements in near future. 🙂 Keep progressin’, Frog!!

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      I found a bug.
      in the new camfrog server, when you type !NEWS the bot doesnt show links anymore. when i put the same bot back to the old server version 6.1.51 and type!NEWS then i get links again !!

      please fix this !!

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      wOw wOw Good job guys

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      hi! I’m a premium user.

      But I spent the money, but did not enjoy the proper quality.

      The one thing quite bothered me.

      I often can not be connected to the room, but sometimes return to normal.

      This kind of thing has happened more than half a year’s time, only recently become more and more serious.

      Do you might help me to resolve this matter?How do I contact you?

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      well done it 🙂

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      I have a few issues I’ve noticed, that will require me to go back to 6.1. Might be fine for others, but if /whowatching or /watchlist are typed with the correct name I am not getting any response. Incorrect name or no name gives an error or help message.

      Also, I can on longer send multi-line /msg (the newline character is changed to in the message) and this affects things like top scores on the bot.

      Also emailed helpdesk on these issues. Hope they come back with a solution.

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      very good

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