Camfrog Server 4.0 with Web Management Interface

With Camfrog Server 4.0, you can now use a simple web interface to remotely manage your Camfrog Video Chat Room settings, without having to establish a remote desktop connection. You don’t even need to have a webserver running on your server computer. Everything you need to do this is built into Camfrog Server 4.0.

To enable the Web Interface, simply open your Camfrog Server settings window, and click to the Web Interface tab. Enter an unused port in the Listening Port textbox (48 for example) Then enter a username and a password to use for security verification.

For additional security measures, enter your IP address that you will be connecting from (not the IP of your server.) You can add up to 5 IP addresses, simple separate each one by a comma. Now just press Apply/OK and exit/restart Camfrog Server software.

To access the web interface from your computer now, simply open Internet Explorer, and in the address bar, put the IP address of your server:portnumber (The Port number you specified) Eg: (We used 48 as our example earlier)

Remember, when you change any settings in your web interface, be sure to click the Save button.


11 thoughts on “Camfrog Server 4.0 with Web Management Interface

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      A lot of users download the new version 5.0 and try it.

      I have 15 rooms on +18 categ, 14 rooms on General and 01 room on DEAF (Latin America) – I receive these feedbacks:

      a) Rooms with Recommended video – a lot of users report áudio and video problems – Lost áudio sometimes and video can not be loaded.

      b) Free users can not change the video mode – we lost users on rooms because for free users recommended video don’t work fine. Of course i can change the room to Classic video – its possible but on marketing its not so good!

      c) I note a Litlle unstable situation on servers – I have 04 servers on ThePlanet.Com – each Server Xeon or QuadCore – with unmetered bandwidth. Each Server host 10 camfrog rooms and after upgrade to 4.0 camfrog Server i have my Server slow and sometimes frozzen!

      d) Camfrog client 5.0 works fine but on translated version i note and users report to me a litle slow on program when runing a translated version.

      e) The users report on translated version they lost áudio with more frequency then default english language.

      Users now are uninstalling the 5.0 version and back to 4.1 to solve these problems with video and áudio on rooms.

      I expect its can help Camfrog.


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      Hi all i updated my server to 4.0 and in the room list it say’s

      RECOMMENDED my question is —>> how can i make it SUPER ??


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      Forget it i found how to do it 😉

      In the setting of your server video size 🙂

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      I have another question 🙂

      Why in the web interface the ip have access ????
      this is by default and i cant remove it

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      Hey There, a big thank you to you for this web interface, very usefull.

      Is it possible to implement a script to view the log files too?

      I have question about the configuration of Web Interface: If I don’t put the authotized ips the web interface is not accessible and ok it’s usefull for security but what about the ISP (DSL connections) that use dynamic IP? It forces the owner to go on the server to update the IP and restart the room server everytime his ISP change it. If an owner has many servers and many rooms it will take a lot of time to change the ip on them.

      For security reason I think it should be better to use https instead http when the owner send his username and password.

      _Oracle_ opplus of Italiano

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      Hey. Just wondering if there is going to be any txt supprt for the modification the new web interface feature?? or if anyone can point me in the right direction for any previous written support.. thanks.

      MrMajic of Majic_Ghetto

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      I agree with _Oracle_ about the ip’s I dont use the web interface because of the problems with IP’s changing……… My Ip is different every time I restart my router which I do most days :S:@


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      I’m having some difficulty installing camfrog server for linux.. my biggest problem is i’m on a shared server.. so i have no root access .. i used the -r root switch and made my public folder the root folder for install but now it’s missing a crap load of stuff (files and directories i believe) that i’m assuming are located in the REAL root.. i guess i can take the time to find these files download and ftp them and make the directories but i’m wondering if there is an easier way or a switch that might do the hard work for me.. and also if i do all this work am ijust going to run into another problem cause it didnt’ install whatever it’s needing to install to the REAL root directory.. and help would be nice thank you.

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      If your trying to run camfrog server on a shared server you will proberly find the ports you require arnt opened on the server and that the host wont open them as it puts the other shared users sites a risk, I would rent a dedicated server as recomended on the camfrog main site 😀


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      Good works was necessary for the version linux


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      Thank you

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