Camfrog Server 4.0 Logs

Some users have reported problems with Camfrog Server 4.0 and the log feature. Camfrog Server 4.0 collects logs, but the logs do not appear until the server places a cache from memory to the hard disk. It can take several hours, or one full day for the logs to appear on the hard disk. If you want logs sooner you can sign your room off-line and the log file should appear immediately. This change was done to make the Camfrog Server software even more efficient. If you are experiencing problems with the new Camfrog Server version please send detailed information to our contact page help desk.


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      How about an option to dump the log every X minutes (rather than a day or so as it was in the version before this “fix”) or 0 for immediate logging?

      Then the server owners can choose a proper balance between efficiency and log availability.

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