Camfrog Server 4.0 Bandwidth Usage

We have worked carefully on the new version of Camfrog Server and Client to make sure our software actually uses less bandwidth, not more. This way your hosting fees will stay the same, or possibly decrease.
The new Camfrog Server software allows you to set your room to three different video modes; Classic, Recommended, or Super. As you are probably already aware the original version of Camfrog Server has always used about 145-150 kbps per video stream.

Classic Mode – Classic mode is the original Camfrog 176X144 video resolution, but it uses only 90 kbps per video stream. The video quality should actually be better than our older software due to changes in our video streaming technology. If you want to keep the same size video windows as the old Camfrog version you can use “Classic” mode and your bandwidth usage from your hosting company should actually decrease.


Recommended Mode – Recommended uses a new resolution of 264X216. Recommended is named this way obviously because this is what we recommend all room owners use now. The bandwidth usage should be the same or less than what you are using with our original software. Each stream should work at around 150 Kbps, or the same as the original Camfrog server and client versions we have had for years. If you use Recommended mode we hope you will not see any significant bandwidth increases. Recommended mode is what we run our own “Camfrog Hosted” rooms in.


Super Mode – Super mode uses twice the amount of bandwidth as Recommended mode. Therefore this Super mode uses significantly more bandwidth than our software has ever used before. We do not recommend using this mode unless you have an extremely high quality network and if you don’t mind paying your hosting company for the extra bandwidth costs. Super mode should use around 250 kbps per stream and the resolution is a huge 352X288 size. Right now Super mode is not limited, but we may limit these rooms to 50 or 100 users in the future depending on user feedback and testing. If you want to try Super mode, yet you don’t want to use a lot of bandwidth you could try limiting your room to around 10 or 25 users as a test.


IMPORTANT: If you are using recommended mode yet your bandwidth seems to still be higher than normal it’s because a lot of your users are using the older 3.X or 4.X clients. 3.X and 4.X Camfrog clients will view older style video streams from new 5.X users. Therefore if a 5.X and a 4.X user are both viewing a 5.X user then the 5.X viewer will be giving off two video streams. Until your room is 100% 5.X client users then you may see a temporary increase in bandwidth. If you are worried about this you can switch to Classic mode until most users have upgraded to Camfrog 5.X client.

I hope this helps you understand about the three new video settings for Camfrog Servers. We have tried our best to make sure everyone is happy by offering three options, and keeping the bandwidth usage the same or less than what you are used to.

Thank you for hosting Camfrog rooms. We could not exist without the users who host their own rooms world-wide. Camfrog salutes you!

Please visit our contact page help desk email to report any bugs or problems you find with this new client or server version.


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