Camfrog Room Virtual Gifts & Birthday Gifts



You can now buy a virtual gift for your video chat room.  Just visit the info page for your room, then choose the type of gift you want to give. The rooms that are currently online and that have the most gift points appear at the top of the room list under “Most Gifted Rooms”.

We also have new Birthday virtual gifts.  Know someone who has a birthday coming up?  Give them a special Birthday virtual gift.


5 thoughts on “Camfrog Room Virtual Gifts & Birthday Gifts

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      wow…..GREAT !!

      More nice Virtual Gift for room & New item Birthday.

      Always succes for

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      thats realy nice

      hope more progress for camfrog

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      Good Job !

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      i dont know wat to say i went to 3Iraq_AlM7BAH_Room to see it with out saying nathing with out dowing anny thing i was kick out is that how an op of camfrog shood acket with a gesst of a room is camfrog is gaveing peppol ho dont know anny thing how to op wen i im that op that have kick me out with out anny rezin asking hime in arbic wat did i do i geat this massge (User is offline. Your message could not be delivered.) so if op saefaldean doz not know how to welcome peppoll what he is an camfrog op ????????? we dont say that the owner op he haves a camfrog green coloer that gave hime the chanse to be an op or an admin . here if its ok to ask is there samone can help becuse everyone that i know is haveing the saim thing with this Op and this room so i love to now if this is the way of camfrog with all the rooms i was invitedd to come and see camfrog from paltalk and alout of friends in paltalk ask me to see it if its a good cand of chat but now what i can say to tham i was kick out from a room becuse i did not say or do nathing i was welcomed in the list of uk mian room camfrog the was 3 op in there and everytime samone is welcome all in the room but in (3Iraq_AlM7BAH_Room ) i was kick out if thay are a pravit room so i think it dazint need to be poplick room her is the Info of that kick (Kicked: You were kicked (by saefaldean) ) willl is there samthing have to say way i was kicke for or just to be kicke anny one wath out saying way in Camfrog is that how Camfrog works is that how the welcomeing hafe2 be will i cant say just one thing i am gawing back to paltalk ganna gave what happin to me in the biggs room over there moor from 580 peppoll on the mic & lat the peppol now how is the Ops are if like this thing happens in paltalk not just the Op will be removed but that room willl be blook for 3 months becuse thay have did somthing rong to a romer that did not do annything rong to be treeted in a bad way

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      I am not sure where to post this on the blog. But I will try here. The PinoyCamfrog room is now gone. The new room, still all ages is now called Twisted_Unit . Doc_Twisted is the main room owner. So please come join us there.

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