Camfrog Room Hosting: Now Double the Capacity!

cloud_150Want your own place to call home on Camfrog? Start your own video chatroom instantly, with Camfrog Room Hosting!

With Camfrog Room Hosting, you don’t have to worry about setting up firewalls, or renting dedicated servers. We handle all that for you. Just login and go!

Not only have we made it easier than ever to launch and manage your very own video chatroom on Camfrog, we’ve now DOUBLED the size of all our room packages, at no extra cost! Even if you already have a room hosting subscription, your room’s automatically had its capacity doubled. You don’t even have to take any extra steps.

extreme_for_roomSubscribe to Camfrog Room Hosting, and you’ll also get a special premium bonus. You will automatically get Camfrog Extreme on your nickname ($10 per month savings!) for as long as you have a Camfrog Room Hosting subscription! There’s no better way to show who’s the boss of the room, than with your Purple Extreme nick.

Check out our new DOUBLED CAPACITY Room Hosting, and get started for under $15 per month.

Click Here to start your own Video Chatroom today!


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