Camfrog Pro Subscriptions Starting February 1

All Camfrog Pro serials purchased on or after February 1, 2011 will be subscription-based and last one year.  Our order page and order emails will be updated to make it clear that Camfrog Pro serials purchased on February 1 and later are annual subscription items.

All Camfrog Pro serials purchased before February 1 will not be changed and your current Camfrog Pro serials will work as they always have. If you purchased a Camfrog Pro serial before February 1, 2011 the serial will not change and will not become a subscription serial.

Thank you for supporting Camfrog and purchasing Camfrog Pro.

Update: Paltalk has decided to keep Camfrog Server and Bot serials as they are now, where they are not subscription.  Camfrog Server and Bot serials will not change on February 1.  Only Camfrog Client serials will change on February 1.


117 thoughts on “Camfrog Pro Subscriptions Starting February 1

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      Worst re-design of an internet page i’ve ever seen! Look for better Designers!
      Are these professionals or did you take some amateurs? Nothing is working, graphic is really but really bad…. Invest some money there!

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      yo me alegro mucho de que camfrog haya cambiado de opinion, si rectificar es de sabios, en este caso mas que nunca, ¿yo me puedo considerar hoster? si es asi me alegro muchisimo de la nueva noticia, asi poco a poco seguiremos creciendo y ayudando a camfrog a ser mejor cada dia. Solo una queja mas, me parece fatal que los nuevos seriales de bot no se puedan usar en los bot version 3.94, tendremos que acostumbrarnos a los nuevos bots. Gracias por cambiar de opinion administradores

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      honestly i think the company is making a huge mistake with converting to a subscription service for clients only, they will loose a lot more users now than they did before and eventually it will go under completely due to lack of users/revenues and security also.

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      Ok Thank you clear…


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      Calm down ppl,,,,,, why u r blaming camfrog adminidtration,,,,, the program now is owned by PALTALK….so they have the right to decide,,,, and sure they make that because they feel that there is a strong competition between them and camfrog,,,, its business,,,
      i think if camfrog was getting good money, they will not make paltalk buy their program,, but sure they are losing,,,,,,,and for the ppl taking with emoticons,,, this program or that is made to gain money not to gain friendships,,,,,,hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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      I do actually think the yearly subscription is a good idea (for clients) but not at the current price.. If it was around the $15 range.. I know i’d be willing to buy a few codes for my friends i’d like to see have pro but cant afford it… remember some parts of the world $50usd is equivalent to about 5-8 days pay… I really believe a low yearly price and going after volume is the key here to profit and success.. just my 2 cents worth…

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      I’ve been on Frog for a few years now and I wanted to add my input on this matter. First of all, although I understand the reasoning behind going to a yearly subscription fee, I feel that keeping the prices at $50.00 is making you look very greedy. I could see the sense behind raising the procode prices or making a yearly subscription fee of $20.00 a month or so but asking for $50.00 a year is outrageous in my opinion. There are quite a few other video chat sites out there so CF is not without competition. It took the Hosters threatening to strike to get you to pay attention to their concerns what is it going to take to get you to pay attention to the common users concerns? It would be a shame to see these users opinions and concerns ignored or disregarded because in my opinion these are the people who made camfrog what it is today. Thank you for your time.

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      i agree with waiting4myruca and zannexx, at least lowering the price might resolve the issue

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      I would like to thank Camfrog from all the Hosters as some have been un able to post on here, so they have asked me to do it for them, I have no problem it doing that at all. So thanks Camfrog/Paltalk.

      I would also ask for Camfrog reconsider the Subscriptions of Pro because I knw many will leave, but….. if you go ahead, do it sensibly and carefully. and not to quickly, lets not spoil a great program.

      I just think you need to revise the yearly cost, because as I have mentioned before not all Camfrog users have lots of spare money to throw around on a program, when they have kids to feed and mortages, I know in the UK alone things are pretty bad in our economic market atthe moment, and many Pro Codes are purchased by Parents, many not working.

      Just think logically, lower the price a bit, and I am sure you will still get the income your looking for, for improvements and investment, and it wont financially effect the new users of camfrog, because Camfrog wouldn’t come first if it was me, my family would, something has to give.

      There’s not doubt it’s the best Chat Site around, we all know that, and I am sure this is part of the reaosn Paltlak purchased the program…but…..they need to do things the right way and we just hope and pray they see sense in lowering the prices, if there not prepared to abolish the new Subscription all together.



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      Paltalk typically rents servers/rooms. I am afraid this is the direction Camfrog is headed toward. Hosters are on their way out.

      Paltalk has been declining over the years and is why Camfrog has been able
      to profit. Many people left Paltalk to come here, but I think things will go the
      “Paltalk way” before long. There will be an exodus of loyal users and a decline for Camfrog/Paltalk.

      The press announcement of the purchase of Camfrog by Paltalk , spoke of the Asian market. We already know that that market will not pay much to use the service. Hobbies like chat programs need to be inexpensive, not more expensive. Time will tell.

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      camfrog if you want to make frog better i think u should look into aproved camfrog hosters subhosting rooms and riping off useers for bots and procodes and room keys the subhosters hide in the hosters good name and couse users to leave frog and thay boot lag and send pic invites to useers killing there pro codes like i t looks bad on paltalk and camfrog help stop the madness and lets bulid a new and better camfrog lets get on with the party and stop the drama for a better camfrog note noone will buy pro if everyones talking about being riped off thanks

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      Why are 4 of my server codes invalid and no one is answering the helpdesk email address. I paid good money and my codes are now not working. This is the second time, first it was my bot codes and now this!

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      After reading the new TOS on Pro Code Licenses, what concerns me is the amount of information involved which looks like Paltalk/Camfrog are covering every angle, because in the future your going to stop all private Hosters.

      So if Server/Bot Codes are not going to change, why add so much information on your TOS???

      I would like to buy more codes, but reading these new terms, it seems to me theres a hidden agenda to stop all Hosters and Camfrog to run like Paltalk and Host there own Rooms.

      Can you clarify, why so much detail has gone into the TOS on Camfrog Pro Licenses if you have no intention of changing anything??

      Especially the Rent/No Music/No Profit Section (why would we just Host rooms pay for your Pro Codes and our own Servers, if we can’t make no Profit)

      Thanks, just for my own peace of mind, before I invest in more codes.


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      The TOS has not been changed. I think it’s exactly the same as it has been for years.

      AusNet, to get help with codes you need to be the one that purchased them according to our records. Send the codes to the helpdesk along with the order numbers and order info.

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      Thanks for your prompt response.

      Can any other Hoster agree or disagree with this statement. Is the TOS on Lincences the same or different. It does seem different to us, maybe were wrong.

      We do know the main TOS is the same, we are talking about the License’s TOS.

      Much Appreciated.


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      admin, these are replacement codes, i do not have the information anymore. i bought these codes from 2004 – 2006.

      I have no access to the information nor the transaction details as they where on a paypal account they was closed due to a security breach.

      These codes that have been deactivated where codes you guys replaced. I have been contacting the helpdesk for days and there has been no reply as usual.

      you guys removed my post from facebook.

      Pete, i know you and i dont see eye to eye but we both can see where camfrog is going. It is going down the toilet. People are leaving because its all about making a quick buck.

      I have been hosting since 2004 and we have invested heavily in hosting rooms. Thankfully our major services are not camfrog hosting.

      Admin, i am so close to taking legal action i am sick of this drama, everytime i turn my back you guys do something to my codes. I paid good hard money for these codes and you keep deactivating them for no reason. First it was the bot codes, they were reactivated and now its the server codes. Whats next my 3 pro codes

      I have 6 rooms offline, 6 paying clients and i need this rectified asap!

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      AusNet, we are only able to help the people who own the codes that are emailed to us. If the codes you emailed belong to you we will try to help but if they do not belong to you we will be unable to assist you.

      Please give us more time than a Sunday night to reply to your email. Our helpdesk will be online Monday morning.

      The changes in serials have been discussed in detail for an extended period and I have now closed comments. If you have any other suggestions or comments feel free to contact our helpdesk. Thanks for your feedback.

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