Camfrog Mobile 1.1 Released!

Camfrog Mobile 1.1 for Windows Mobile is now available for download.  Version 1.1 adds emoticon support to instant messages,  different font sizes, vibrate notifications for new messages, and an auto-dial option where the program will try to establish a data connection over your mobile network.

Download Camfrog Mobile 1.1


12 thoughts on “Camfrog Mobile 1.1 Released!

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      mobile Sony Ericsson! java jar????????

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      Sweet! CamfrogMobile is great for keeping in touch on my Windows Mobile phone! Working great, and I love the new emoticons!

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      got to say the emots are realy cool and the vibration alert is fantastic.

      e-mail emailed in already about the bot names not showing but everything els is working realy well 😛 well done guys.

      the best thing is my provider isent charging me for using camfrog mobile. :O

      how cool 😀

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      it’s amazing :p!
      well done (y)

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      I actually like this version, a lot more than the first one. Can I get a heads up next time there is a new release? I was told you needed beta testers but I was never notified of this release.

      I’m glad to report that the buddy list loading problem has been resolved, now when I log into a screenname that has 1000 usernames it loads the whole buddy list in less than 15 seconds.

      I also like the fact that you tightened up the buddy list by cutting space in between usernames in the buddy list (11 usernames fit on my screen now, as opposed to 10 in the old version).


      1) Make an option (or a default setting) that keeps the messenger connected to the central server unless you disconnect. Basically, if I leave my phone idling for more than 15-20 minutes after the screen turns black, it turns off the data connection and disconnects me, and I get the error “Unable to connect to server. Host unreachable.” I would like to leave it connected permanently unless I sign out. Maybe put an option in the settings to “Keep connection alive” that would send a small bit of data every 10 minutes or so to stay connected?

      2) Give the option to be alerted by vibrate when someone signs on. Maybe make it 1 vibration for when someone logs on and 2 vibrations when you receive a message?

      3) Make sure there is some kind of safety thing where it doesn’t ring/vibrate more than once every 10 seconds (or user-defined timing), because if someone is messing with you by logging on/off repeatedly or sending you 20 IMs in a minute you don’t want your phone to blow up with rings and non-stop vibrating.

      4) Give the option at the login screen to memorize more than one screenname (drop down menu like the desktop version of camfrog?) and to memorize the password if requested. I have more than one main screename, and my passwords are usually at least 16 characters long and random as to prevent cracking, and it’s a real hassle to type in the password every time. Maybe make checkboxes for “Remember me” and “Remember password” in the login screen?

      5) I noticed that Camfrog Mobile puts a little bar/tab at the bottom of the Windows Mobile main screen when it is minimized. Maybe you can put this bar to more efficient use? I’m thinking something along the lines of the bar giving a quick summary of the last IM you received, or the last person that logged on, or both in scrolling format. This would be useful for those who want to leave Camfrog Mobile running all the time and want to see what happened most recently with a quick glance instead of maximizing Camfrog Mobile again.

      6) I’d still be extremely interested in seeing a snapshot feature, like I said in a previous post for Camfrog Mobile. It would be awesome if we could use our cell phone camera to send a snapshot, and to be able to receive snapshots from people and to be able to save them to the phone.

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      Is it possible to join the chat room and watch video. I think many new generation of mobile phone have cpu more than 500MHz and using on 3G network. If it can be that’s very good news.

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      Would like to see an iPhone version.

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      thats good news but why i cant download camfrog mobile cab or camfrog mobile setup msi on my pda ?? i use pda o2 with window mobile 570mhz……i hope someone can help me thx..

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      why i can”t installed camfrog to my mobile?
      what my phone 5310 cant installed camfrog?

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      do you have camfrog mobile for nokia e63? Because i can’t install the .msi and .cab. Maybe .jar will be help. Thanks

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      hi camfrog “workers” i know u lot might not read this but i world like to c an iphone app relisted could sum1 email me plz if or when its going to be out or even if its going to be made!

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      I hope one day you do somthing For People who have symbian 60 system , think that there is a lot of people waiting for that , so please dont leave us alone . I will apreciate it very much

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