Camfrog July World Travel Virtual Gifts

Camfrog July virtual gifts are finally here with double points!  Our July gifts celebrate summer travel world-wide.  If you’re celebrating July 4th then try our American button.  We also have a Chinese fan, a Dia de las Muertos gift from Mexico, a Viking Helmet, and a Russian Matryoshka.

July Virtual Gifts:  American Button, Chinese Fan x2, Dia de las Muertos, Viking Helmet x2, Russian Matryoshka x2


42 thoughts on “Camfrog July World Travel Virtual Gifts

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      gooooooood work really alllllll of us need this doubbleee cheep for all users can buy itttttttt

      ty camfrog .. 😀

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      How long do i get my order ??
      I’ve completed payment already but still didn’t get any items.
      And try to contact ur Help-Desk team but still silence ??
      1 Platinum Point Packs – Yellow Diamond Point Pack
      You will receive your product directly from Camshare Inc..
      Total: $50.00

      How can i get any answers from this delay ??


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      Cha, please email the helpdesk and forward your order so we can investigate what happened, thanks!

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      Sent: Friday, July 01, 2011 6:30:40 PM
      To: Camfrog HelpDesk (

      Isn’t it right e-mail ?? I’ve sent my receipt already but still no feedback.

      Last time I’d spent for Special character Camfrog nickname and no mistake :S
      Something wrong with this order !!!

      Thanks 4ur respond!!

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      Admin please i got delayed always for all my order with paypal ..

      did it problem always with africa ( Area ) what we can doing i send for clever bridge but no answer .. 🙁

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      E-mail my Payment Information and my Receipt TO:
      But NO FEEDBACK from CF TEAM anymore.

      BTW cleverbridge Customer Support E-Mail me immediate to confirm my payment and gave some suggestions.

      Give up to get my order today but hope i’ll find some answers from CF TEAM!!

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      release 30 point double , nice one 🙂

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      OR cleverbridge send for you msg( payment not authorized )

      if this one so please contact cleverbridge !

      if your problem mean you already paid but you don’t get the product

      so please send 1 email to camfrog and allow them 24 hr for give u reply

      — Camfrog Got around Thousand Emails per day so please be patient Brother—

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      @..A.. Yes paid already.And 1 day ago i still didn’t receive my item 🙁
      No idea about this delayed too.

      I’ve sent my Receipt via E-Mail to Camfrog and hope will get some news soon.
      Thanks for your advise Bro !!!

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      Frog, yeahh.. that’s the thing we are all waiting for. “2 X 30” is extremely demanded. lols. Thanks anyway!

      @ _5L : If you found “payment is not authorized”, please contact They will replay soon. I got the same prob many times, but always resolved finally. They gave me a “by pass” via message. Just click “pay now” and everything running well.

      @Cha: I got the same case. But resolved within a day. Helpdesk will help you. Please hold.

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      🙁 This case still not resolve and no contacts from CF Team ..
      My payment done since yesterday but still no items back for me now 🙁
      Yeah .. nothing i can do !! Only wait and hope for some actions.

      Thanks ya all for suggestions.

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      @NAGABRAHMAN : i have been send email to Cleverbridge with notification “Payment Not Authorized ” to and this Cleverbridge reply:

      “We are sorry that your order could not be processed. This could be due to an error
      in the data you provided online. Alternately it could simply have been a technical
      issue, as the entire payment process is automated.

      Please place a new order or contact us so that we can check the data for
      correctness, make corrections if necessary, or process the order manually.”

      what happened??? 😐

      my data i write in order same with my data in paypal..

      my paypal verified, work good, no have problem..

      if order in camfrog cleverbridge failed .. but if order other site (not camfrog / cleverbridge) is fine.. not trouble..

      anyone give me answer :S ?

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      NAGABRAHMAN | Brother we do every thing u can imagine it ..

      Cleverbridge not answer my email abour delayed i post more comment in blog no answer from admin also ..

      So what i can do right now ? OMG !!!!

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      Hello ,

      At this point camfrog can’t help you .

      Your Problem Belong to cleverbridge verification team cuz that you got this msg * payment not authorized *

      So you need to fix your problem with cleverbridge first.

      as this work on this following steps

      Customer >————> CleverBridge >————> Camfrog

      if your order accepted from cleverbridge so you will get your order delivered.

      and if not approved from cleverbridge so camfrog can’t send or fix this issue

      cuz your problem belong to cleverbridge and it’s owner for sales to camfrog.

      so be sure camfrog will not report cleverbridge to accept your order

      as cleverbridge high system to protect fraud order .

      anyway if your problem can’t fix from cleverbridge

      use bank transfer and cleverbridge will accept you

      or buy from camfrog official reseller ( xxxSTaGXXX )

      Hopefully this will help you :).

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      so bro hopefully you had received reply from helpdesk

      as i had some guess

      Are your order belong to virtual gift ? or camfrog special nicknames ?

      or camfrog pro codes?

      if camfrog pro code >>> camfrog take 24 hr to validate and verify your payment then they send for you the pro code .

      if camfrog virtual gift >>> camfrog sometimes use automated system to send the virtual gift and sometimes manually added so hold on and be sure they will added the gift ( that’s if the receiver of gift don’t had problem on id ) as sometimes camfrog report you this receiver can’t accept the virtual gift and the reason security purpose .

      if you paid for camfrog special nicknames >> don’t worry just wait and it’s will done

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      @ All Camfrog User .

      i see alot here angry about no reply from the admin .

      admin is normal user like me and you .

      if you angry about delay and 1000 user angry like you cuz delay that’s mean

      you had send 1000 msg to him ! right ?

      so he is person not machine !! please give him sometimes and he will do the best to resolve your issue !!

      and about

      the camfrog team is behind it ( person like you and me not machine to resolve the problem at same minute )

      so give him little time . as thousand of mails they get on day .

      so my advise for you to hold on and be sure you will get msg include the solution of your problem.

      also don’t send many mails !!! just 1 email and wait

      as there’s system to manage the ticket support to not lost your number for reply

      Be Patient !


      Love Camfrog As Like I Love My Laptop 😛

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      Please Confirm Are You Problem Has Been Resolved ?

      Am Sure It’s Done !

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      Enjoy Camfrog .

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      Thanks Sir

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      DreamSeller : received a gift
      Today at 07:38AM

      Finally !!!! 😉 😉 🙂

      Yep I’ve understood ’bout some mistakes but plz plz plz this wasn’t be the first case here??
      For 6-7 yrs on this program .. I’m a real one of CF Royalty Customer 🙁

      However .. Enjoy All !! // Cheers (B)

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      we gonna try trough bank transfer but you know pay trough paypal Account so east and so fast … that’s why we asked about fix our problem ..

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      payment delayed and not autorized lol i cant buy with my visa card

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      as i see you had disabled by camfrog before

      as i had checked your nickname profile .

      so that’s mean you try to buy from camfrog with stolen credit card or you try to place your order

      so be on touch . cleverbridge is very high system to protect from fraud order

      also cleverbridge don’t support payment with paypal or credit card on egypt .

      so go ahead and i advice you to use bank transfer !

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      Please contact cleverbridge directly . your problem with cleverbridge not with camfrog . so go ahead and call the cleverbridge verification team and ask about the reason .

      camfrog don’t have any problem from his side .

      camfrog only delivery the product if it’s got order from cleverbridge about your payment done .

      or send email to

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      Sir Look please . it’s not stolen credit card okey that’s first by the way i can’t order with my real credit card same you know egypt block by camfrog in orders in main site so how i order with stolen credit card …

      We lose our nicknames in camfrog without no reason i have manyyyyyy friends and for me many iddddddddd i lose them banned without nothing so don’t tell me it’s credit card stolen only camfrog care who is admin and pay more money 😀 .. Don’t forget !

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      hi camfrog, i have a quetion :O
      why i can’t cange my profile :O 8|

      thx Camfrog (L)

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      For me In Indonesia , I also experiencing difficulties when buying VG with paypal always get declined. which up to now i dont know why got declined by cleverbridge, I once contact them to ask why , it took 1-3 weeks for them to reply which in the end they approve my payment ( in the end i didnt authorized the payment as the buyer already cancel because took so long) as i far as I know cleverbrige have a bad system in processing the payment(cs replay in half month ? , declined without proper explanation ? ).

      many other payment processor have better security process, and we can keep track record for what ever we bought.

      we are talking about e-commerce then why we should pay using transfer or bank wire which could take days and weeks in goes in different country ?
      while with paypal can be used instantly(my server did bought using paypal )

      if camfrog want to give customer better experiencing in buying camfrog product , please… pay good attention with your payment processor.

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      Please explain more ? what you mean ( you can’t change my profile )

      what exactlly you face ?

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      why not bought your product from camfrog offical reseller ? payment via wu
      hope this will help you enough

      and about your words for admin . please show some respect !

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      Yes it’s for admin my problem so don’t tell me im buy with hacked credit card or anything like that …

      you don’t know me so u haven’t said that for me ok ?

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      lol , sorry if you got confused , this blog for make communication with other’s to share the resolve , but at the end trust me you try to use stolen credit card !

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      Look about what u said and show some respect and this is not ur bussiness !!

      i do what i want i talkin to admin not u i not care homeless like u so go Ahead !!


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      bast arddd u all in here …

      camfrog i want kill u .. hhhhh… u bastar d

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      it’s blog sir so no bad words please ,,

      admin will ban ur nick from camfrog

      Show some respect (ST) sir .

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      arrrrrrrrrrrgghhh trying to buy special nick name and get declined again …

      bah… ridiculous .. first 3 id success but other 3 didnt .. i did check with my card issuer and they said it is ok ..

      bah.. clever bridge did a good job on keeping a ridiculous job..
      bah baah bah …

      and i still have 20 item of vg to buy for my customer.. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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      Frog, I got the “classic issue” like others had here. I purchased “Dia de las Muertos” (30pts VG), but the VG never comes up till now. I already emailed you with proof of payment attached.

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      nagabrahman, does the money already credited from your account ?

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      @eddy, yep. Already credited. But, the problem has just been solved. 30pts is finally sent (after emailing helpdesk 4 x). Lols.

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      camfrog new versi is the best

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      Good work really all buy Bro 😛

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