Camfrog for Windows Mobile Beta

I am excited to announce that Camfrog for Windows Mobile Beta is now live and available for download.  Camfrog for Windows Mobile allows you to logon to Camfrog and instant message your Camfrog friends by using your Windows Mobile device.

You can also browse user profiles and search the user directory by using our new website.  We have put together a help area with more details on how to use the software.

Please download Camfrog for Windows Mobile Beta and give it a try.  We appreciate your feedback.

Download Camfrog for Windows Mobile


17 thoughts on “Camfrog for Windows Mobile Beta

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      Camfrog Mobile is outstanding! Runs great, and makes keeping in touch with your Camfrog friends possible, even when you are “on the go.”

      The installation was incredibly easy, and the software itself is very user friendly, and easy to navigate/use.

      With Camfrog Mobile, my HTC Windows Mobile powered phone, is now complete!

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      Ok this is great BUT why not make it so any cell phone can use it think that would be great and everyone would love it

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      i want a mobile too !!! lol Helia.. but i hope it will be amazing like all Camshare products. maybe i can test it using any sdk on my pc.
      i will try !

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      Great installed on PocketPC with Windows Mobile 5.
      Its working fine 🙂 got on can iPhone awaiting more features on future…

      😀 Good Job Camfrog Team

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      Please make it for I-phone!!!Its one of the best selling phones ever!!!
      Pretty Please!

      Great work keep it up!~

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      it wont work on my tmobile dash. all i see is black background and 2 white rectangles. thats all. please help. thanks.

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      The program runs decent on my Sprint Mogul (HTC PPC-6800) Windows Mobile 6.0 phone. I think I suggested putting Camfrog on Windows Mobile a year ago, glad it’s finally taking off. I am interested in being an active beta tester for this, feel free to e-mail me if you want to include me and keep me up to date on it.

      Stuff I like:

      1.Very pleasant and clean interface.

      2. Appropriate options for the smart phone platform so far.

      3. Haven’t had any crashes yet.

      4. User-friendly, easy to send messages.

      Stuff I don’t like:

      1. Took 90 seconds to load the buddy list when logging into a screen name that has about 315 buddies (turned off display offline users), took literally 10 minutes 55 seconds to load a 1000-user buddy list (also turned off display offline users). I am on the Sprint high-speed Revision A data network (1.5mbps download, 386kbps upload) so I don’t think it’s an issue of the data network as it is with communicating to the Camfrog central server. Trim buddy list load times to 30 seconds or less for 1000-user buddy lists and you’ll have something good, because most regulars have 200+ buddies.

      2. Spacing between buddy names in buddy list. Cut spacing (or at least give the option to in the options) between buddy names to half of what it is now to be able to view more people on the screen at once.

      Stuff I’d like to see:

      1. Video capabilities. I’m sure it will be another year or two before people can actually go into chat rooms, and not all phones have cameras on their face (Sprint/HTC is coming out with one in November that I will be buying), but eventually being able to video conference using the appropriate equipment would be awesome.

      2. For now, it would be great if you could use your cell phone’s camera to send people snapshots in IM’s, and be able to receive snapshots in IM’s from other people and save them to your phone.

      3. If there is an issue of bandwidth or data usage charges, consider making a Light and Full version of the software, Light for people with slow data connections or that get charged per kb, and Full for people with fast data connections (such as myself) who have unlimited data packages.

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      One extra note/suggestion, if you want to reduce load time for people with large buddy lists, consider leaving the buddy list on the central server and only sending usernames of ONLINE people to the cell phone. From what I can tell, it seems that the program is taking all one thousand screen names, and then deciding who is online/offline, which takes forever. If for whatever reason people want to want to see a full list offline people too, give the option to load those users afterwards, with an explicit warning saying something like “Attempting to show all users may take over 10 minutes. Are you sure you want Camfrog Mobile to load your complete buddy list?”

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      Another comment (sorry for the multiple posts), on the screenname that has 1000 users in the buddy list, switching between “show offline users” on and off also takes 10 minutes. So it definitely seems like the whole buddy list is being loaded into the phone, which is unnecessary for most people since only about 10% of a person’s buddy list is actually online at any one time. Just make it so that the camfrog server online communicates online users to the phone, not the whole buddy list.

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      Amazing… how about Blackberry?
      I am sure Millions of Blackberry users will need it too


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      It is awesome but as Vivo say what about Blackberry?? what about sidekick? I have notice many deaf people have sidekick but why not install Camfrog there which will be VERY high popular and better service?

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      camfrog mobile sony ericsson k550i java???.jar????????????????????????

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      Windows mobile is amazing

      the problesm faced have been listed already above but it is so nice to work with.

      i would like to see room access but only for text interaction. i understand the boundrys you face in america. in europ we do not have these restrictions as they put high charges on software that dose not fall into packages pre defind but room text would be a realy cool to have so you can still talk in a room. maybe only when you activate your pro code 🙂
      Would be cool.

      Anyway great work and nice features


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      Pls introduce this for the Iphone.

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      “Helia Says:
      September 26th, 2008 at 12:44 pm
      Ok this is great BUT why not make it so any cell phone can use it think that would be great and everyone would love it”

      QUOTED FOR TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ( blackberry storm user here and I KNOW this would be sexy on my phone !) P.S. did I mention that it would DEFINATELY help advertise cf on a MUCH larger scale ? I wonder what would happen if I used it in a club/bar/coffee house on my storm out here in wonderful Los Angeles…. how many people would want to pick this up? I think its something that should be ported over to other systems or @ least a work around for those that have something else than windows.

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      Camfrog mobile works fine on my Samsung Omnia but if only it had video, it would be amazing. There’s a massive gap in the market for mobile video, even Skype haven’t come out with a version yet.

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      It would be nice if you guys had a Apple Iphone or Itouch for camfrog aswell

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