Camfrog Client 5.2.162 Beta (Windows) Released

Camfrog Client 5.2.162 Beta (Windows) is now available for beta testing.  With this new beta if your computer cannot handle our new video rendering system you will be switched back to our old system.  Please test and post your feedback on the blog or to our helpdesk.

Download Camfrog Client 5.2.162 Beta (Windows)

NEW – Please note we have updated the version number today.  Please test this newest beta version released December 3rd with some stability improvements.


56 thoughts on “Camfrog Client 5.2.162 Beta (Windows) Released

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      Hi, for the next version I think you have to fix the video problems caused buy ATI Catalyst 9.X series drivers.
      I don’t know anyone reported this, googled a lot and found no solution on internet.
      On Catalyst 9.3 series drivers DXVA v.2.0 is enabled and I think camfrog videos have problem with it.
      When I open multible video’s on camfrog, after a while, the whole desktop freezes. There’s nothing you can do but to reset the computer.
      This is a huge problem for me because I have Radeon HD 4870, I’m a game fan And Catalyst 9 series drivers are vital for some game’s performances.
      But I can’t use camfrog video chat client with those drivers at all!

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      why i cant enter to most of the rooms..? theres this window that pops up whenever i enter to my fav says “could not connect to server..this server maybe offline or behind firewall/router.”im using a mobile broadband and it was consider as a dial up connection but i’ve done a speedtest and its almost 2mbps it a network bandwidth issue.?..pls tell me what to do

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      and why is it i have to reinstall cf beta whenever i shut down my computer? the one i installed is not will only work right after installation..

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      This version is I like The new system but to me some errors occrs:
      1-The nickname Tcon (male or female) on my buddy list are missing after 2 or 3 hours online.
      2-if an user go offine,he still appear as onine To me,on my buddy list.
      3-The invitation (room invitation)are not working,The invited user receive a point (.)after room name and can join.
      -A lot of cpu user if The new rendering system is activated.
      -good job guys!

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      I checked with Linux Ubuntu Camfrog.

      Camfrog Video Chat – a little problem, because you can not go to your room
      Camfrog Bot – all ok (works)

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