Camfrog Client 2.0 (Mac) Released

Today we updated our Camfrog (Mac) client to version 2.0.3009.  This new version has a lot of new features including Growl support, IM History, the ability to resize, organize, and close all remote windows simultaneously, a search box for long contact lists, a password strength meter during nickname registration, a newly designed IM system with easier to use tabs, the ability to invite other users to the room you are in by going to the “actions” menu and choosing “invite”, and the preferences window now has video integrated into it so it’s easier to use.

This new software version also has a lot of bug fixes and stability enhancements due to users helping us and sending logs when they have problems.  If you have any problems with this new release please immediately go to the “Camfrog Video Chat” menu and choose “Generate file for technical support” after experiencing a problem.

To learn more about Growl and what it is please visit the official Growl website.  We think the advanced Growl features and notifications are superior to ours, however if you don’t like Growl for some reason you can go to your Camfrog Mac preferences and switch back to our old system.  Growl notifications have a lot of fun customization features and they can even allow you to push notifications to your iPhone if you use the iPhone app called Prowl.

If you are unhappy with the search box over your contact list you can also disable this in preferences, however it’s turned on by default.

Thank you for using Camfrog Mac.  We hope you enjoy this new version and we welcome your feedback.

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16 thoughts on “Camfrog Client 2.0 (Mac) Released

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      when is the iphone app coming out?? Keep on working on it guys!!

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      We are working hard on it, not sure yet. We don’t want to release something that’s half way done.

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      i hope this mac version is stability
      the windows version 5.4 is very buggy and not stable

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      Please send crash logs if you are having problems with the Windows version. Our help page FAQ has instructions. Without the logs we cannot find the problem with your system and solve it.

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      good version

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      I have left feedback on each version with no response, and have sent dozens of error reports for previous versions. This version continues to crash regularly.

      Version 1.8 is the last stable version on my computer, and I continue to use it. Version 2.0 is not stable and crashed 4 times in the first 3 or 4 hours of use.
      Version 1.9 not only crashed 1 out of every 4 rooms I went into, but also locked up my computer at least twice a day so I had to shut off my computer and restart it.

      I still preferred the 1.7 version of the user sorting, where you could sort by sex and then by who is watching you and it would sort on both.

      Also, on version 1.8, it stopped remembering the original window position when you maximized a window and moved it. In 1.7, if you clicked on the maximize button on a maximized window, it would go back to normal size and go back to it’s original position. Loved that.

      Version 2.0 does not remember window positions like the previous versions. I have my windows set they way I want them and this one seems to only want to do it’s own layout or stack them in the top left corner. Very annoying.

      If you could revert to the old user sorting, re-enable the window position memory, and fix the crashing, I will try the new version again.

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      What OS version and hardware are you using? Please continue to immediately send reports under the “Camfrog” menu after crashing.

      2.0 still sorts who is watching and sex.

      If you go to the Camfrog preferences/media and uncheck “enable webcam organizing” it should remember your window placement, however you can also check “sticky windows” here and it will stick them together to help you place them. However I personally prefer the webcam organizer.

      I am using 2.0 now for almost 30 days and I have never had a crash, and I’m an extremely heavy user. If you can send more bug reports it will help us. Thank you for your report.

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      Why i cant see the Camfrog .app in the list of Growl? (1.2 of Growl)
      And why the video windows don’t reopen in the same position when i closed them?
      Sticky or not, every new window come in the up left corner,this bother me.
      So i must reposition all every time i join a room 🙁
      I dont want an auto-organizing of them.

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      I’m not sure, try rebooting and let me know if it’s there. I’m using version 1.2 also and it works good for me. Did you switch to Camfrog notifications in the preferences?

      We will investigate the Window placement.

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      Ok, after reboot Growl work great,very nice.

      But problem of windows still. Should i uninstall camfrog before update?

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      I have sent 6 reports today and have reverted back to 1.8.
      This is on a 2006 Macbook Pro core duo 2.16 GHz with 2GB memory on Mac OS X 10.6.2.
      It actually locked up my whole machine twice today so I had to hold the power button to shut down and restart. The last crash lost all of my preferences, including my pro code, all account information and settings.
      This happened with 1.9 too. Amazingly, 1.8 will not crash and has been very stable.

      To clarify my comments, in the older version, you could sort on sex and who is watching at the same time. the new versions can do one or the other, but not both.
      As for the window sorting, I can live with the auto sorting method, but in previous versions I could place the windows where I wanted them, and they would always open where in that location. I cannot get this to work on 2.0. I have tried the sticky window option, but see no difference.

      Also, the sorting when you look at the users in the room changed in 1.9. It is always alphabetical rather than by sex. Now you have to click sex to sort them. The old version remembered the sort order.

      As I mentioned in my crash report, if you want additional details, I will re-install 2.0 and test for you. Just let me know.

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      I have sent 2 report today because this application won’t run, it always show me “logging in” window 🙁

      What can i do?

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      Hey just installed v2.0 and it works fine.. No crashing and the Growl notifications are working too. At last I can invite friends to where I am and I like the resize option too.

      Very nice so far:)

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      I have had no crashes or problems of any kind so far with version 2.0. I was hoping that someone could post instructions on how to play music in the room from a source such as itunes, an external ipod or another computer via line in. I haven’t seemed to find anything on this.

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      can some1 help me i recently bought a MAC desktop downloaded camfrog used it a couple of hours then its crashed and says camfrog quit unexpectedly until now i cant open camfrog my os is 10.6.2 thanks

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      Hi Camfrog Team:
      1)I agree with “Nighthawks101” for the preference to sorting who is watching and sex as the same time: “in the older version, you could sort on sex and who is watching at the same time. the new versions can do one or the other, but not both.”it was very appreciated feature.
      2) is possible to have an indication of “who is watching me”, directly from the webcam?
      I think that the Windows version work so, For example the webcam window of who is watching me, may change color..
      Thank you a lot for your work.

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