Camfrog Client 1.7 (Mac OS X) Released

Camfrog Mac 1.7 is now available for download. This new version has larger high quality video, MacBook Air compatibility, faster loading video, a webcam organizer for Pro users, a new “Lurkers” user category, and many other upgrades and stability fixes.

Download Camfrog 1.7 (Mac OS X)

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10 thoughts on “Camfrog Client 1.7 (Mac OS X) Released

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      i am using Soundflowerbed v1.2 audio device for playing music in Camfrog video chat rooms.
      it work good in camfrog v1.5 & v1.6..but with v1.7,peoples in the chat room was doesn’t hear any music out from my itunes music player… 🙁

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      With Camfrog 1.7 Its been noticed that my Cam is glitching quite badly now. Image looks ok, then just looks like a bit of a mess. I’m using a MacBook Pro 2.16ghz Leopard O/S 10.5.4 latest everything.


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      In addition to the on/off video issues some other things I’ve noticed.

      * Users are not always appearing in the room list when entering. I see them type something in the room and they are not on the list, a refresh of the user list usual solves it. As an owner/operator I therefore can’t do a proper job of policing the room as some users will come in and i dont see them register on the user list.

      * When clicking on a User in the list to view their cam, the focus switches to the opened Cam. This is change of behaviour from 1.6 and earlier where focus stayed with the user list/chat room window.

      Overall, this 1.7 feel less solid than the 1.6, something has changed in the way it works, and the chat room window size cannot be shrunk below a certain size. As has been previously reported, playing music in a room via Soundflower is no longer working either in 1.7 which is a shame, I didn’t find a better alternative yet.

      Has the developer changed from 1.6 to 1.7 ? The application has a different feel about it now.

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      hi! HeyMonkey, did you face the problem with audio device at version 1.7 ? can you play music at room?

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      Hi ah_Y,

      Yes I did initially, but then I downloaded the Soundflower v1.31 ( I still use the Soundflowerbed application that sits in the menu bar which was released with Soundflower v1.21 (

      Hope that helps, it works perfectly for me setting both Input and Output to Soundflower (2 ch). Occasionally I have had it where it does crash camfrog, but I think this is more the fact Soundflower itself is not designed to work with Leopard and its not a continually updated package. I can’t find any decent alternative software as of yet.

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      recently I have been unable to use camfrog 1.7.2806, using macbook pro 10.5.5
      I can log ob but whenever I try to open a room, I get an immediate carsh

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      Camfrog 1.7 is a noticeably – much much – worse product than older versions. In previous versions, video was sharp, colorful, and clean. In latest version 1.7, video colors are washed out, image is blurred, and not sharp at all. Camfrog 1.7 is micromanaging the video stream quality, which is completely wrong approach – let the cam itself do it’s work. Focus change from room to opened cam windows gets very annoying very quickly. Camfrog 1.7 is an even bigger resource hog. Sometimes it locks up, and crashes. I am sticking to version 1.5 for now: It’s the latest version that is usable at all.

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      I just got the Camfrog pro for Mac which I use on my Mac Air. How can I sort webcams in a chat room like I do in in the Windows version, for eg. male/female sort etc which is under View Sorting in the Windows version, I don’t see that in the Mac version.

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      I want to sort too…. can’t find this function on my MacBook version 1.8.

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      I am looking for the User sort feature too. It is still not in version 1.9 – at least that I can figure out. I have asked the Camfrog helpdesk but no reply yet. That is a pretty important feature IMHO.

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