Camfrog 6.0 is live!

Camfrog 6.0 for Windows is now available for download.

This new client has an all new UI,  HD high resolution video for one-on-one connections, audio echo cancellation, video and audio snapshots, full screen one-on-one video, and improved video quality.  This 6.0 version is also ready for our new audio modes that will be available with our new Camfrog Server software.  We hope to release new Camfrog Server versions with new audio modes and a new Mac version soon.

Camfrog 6.0 (Windows) Screenshots

We have also updated our Camfrog Video Chat website to work with this new software version.

So far the early feedback we have seen has requested that we bring back the ability to change font sizes and colors again, and the ability to add your favorite rooms to your contact list instead of the internal video chat room list.  You can add your favorite rooms to your contact list by right clicking your contact list and choosing “show rooms”.

We are considering bringing back font changes for rooms and IM messages.  Please continue to give us your constructive feedback so we can continue to improve our software.

Thanks for using Camfrog and we wish you a Happy New Year!

Download Camfrog 6.0 (Windows)Change List


140 thoughts on “Camfrog 6.0 is live!

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      So I have been using Camfrog 6.0 for a few days now. There are some dislikes and likes that I would like to address for my personal use. Iv’e been using Camfrog for a good 5-6 years I believe and am very active, Ever since the launch of 6.0 I have noticed some drastic changes / performance issues.

      Pros: (Likes)

      – It has a cleaner nice interface look. Ability to change theme colors thats a plus.
      – The concept of “Whats Hopping” is interesting I like being able to use custom messages I think this has somthing to do with the profiles (I will get into this later on)
      – When sending a snapshot to someone it gives you 3 seconds to get a set up pose thats neat. I remember in 5.5 you have to find a way to click send and take the snapshot at the same time.
      – I like the Revamp of the UI (User interface) the logon screen, room color scheme etc..
      – The file transfer concept / Window when sending files.
      – Ability to specify different languages.
      – Stronger Password encryption.
      – HD being utalized in private.
      – website looks nice / Profiles are turning out that way to.
      Cons (Dislikes)

      – Font colors & Size. This is a HUGE deal which many users have addressed and I’m sure Camfrog is already ahead of the game and will be back hopefully in the next update. Colors and font sizes are pretty much the only way I can seperate what people are saying. As of now the simple black font and really tiny text is not doing it so I hope this gets updated.
      – Chatroom integrated into 1 WINDOW I would like the old way the chatrooms were in there own seperate window because users get confused were there chatroom is. Tab’s isn’t just doing it for me. (bring back the old video chatroom list individual windows.
      – Upon entering a room you have to agree to the rules. It’s just plain white and it’s the uglyest thing ever and needs to be fixed some way to match the old way.
      – The way cams are set up , Upon opening a cam it takes WAY longer then usual I notice a huge difference in load time when it comes to loading a cam and clicking names in the user list.
      -In the userlist when you click on the names you want to view it puts that grey highlight by there name so you can X it out and it also freezes the userlist. Old system works better its laggy.
      – Mute / Unmute is broken when your muted audio still comes through.
      – Talk Button / Why is there an arrow to drop down for handsfree? It makes it difficult to select that arrow when people are clicking on the talk button so you can’t make it handsfree check box was a better idea.
      -Get rid of virtual gifts link on the smiley faces, doesn’t need to be there.
      – When a user signs on the look of the grey name signing on is ugly old one looked better.
      – Add friends to buddylist limit I know this is not new but I have reached my limit several times and it’s quite annoying just to limit your friends on your list. I’m on here alot and I talk to alot of these people on a daily basis.

      -Pro Code Issues
      Alot of users have been saying once they upgrade to 6.0 and downgrade to 5.5 that both there password and pro code are gone I think this should of been addressed alof of users are upset. They can’t find there codes (they should keep there email)

      -People would like a clarification on how the pro codes work exactly now? Bot, server,pro,

      Camfrog Support.

      Whats the best email to get ahold of someone at camfrog?
      helpdesk@camfrog clearly doesn’t work no one seems to answer upon emailing it. And it’s frusterated.

      Can we know some of the staff of Camfrog so if we have a problem we can go to them like IM them?

      Operators of rooms chosen by the reds.. We have problems that need to be addressed and can’t get a hold of camfrog anyway it takes a good 20 emails to get answers about codes or about room problems, TOS violations. We need to be able to get ahold of someone to take care of the issues on there program.

      Theres alot of frusteration on Camfrog for the users who use it everyday.. It’s an awesome program just needs to sort some things out.

      Anyways thats just what I have gathered over being around camfrog rooms/
      If you have any further questions feel free to IM me on camfrog my user name is miles

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      HI again anouther thing ive been hereing about 6.0 is that if your a free user and using 6.0 you carnt type in the rooms guys sorry but thats not going down well with users at all i understand the thaught behind the idea will help you sell more pro codes but feedback im getting is till the isues with fonts etc are sorted no1 will be buying a po code n users are leaving the progrme cos of this this issue should be delt with asap because if you dont i se camfrog being a name of the past and that would be sad i know your a company n have to make money but users feel cheated so guys get your fingers out n deal with this issues asap

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      Trying 6.0 again. None of the previous crashes, so Yay! All good.

      plz add scrollbar to block list, for my many loving fans i have there. 🙂

      i like having no font button now.

      Also, what was changed on 5.5, i was told the one on download page is now newer than what was offered before?

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      Happy New Year 2011! 🙂

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      Tks Macguiver.

      The problem is here: It has been a four years hard work to learn using efficiently Camfrog; now all is changed again, and still no updated help.
      Macguiver Says:
      January 1st, 2011 at 12:23 pm

      pistor, You can still sort by who is watching just like in previous versions, just right click in your user list and go to the “sorting” menu.

      A Comment for the Camfrog team on the issue of room text colors.
      I understand that the unformatted text give less work to the servers: this is very good.
      Some text formatting capability at the user-side could satisfy who need that.
      I am thinking to an automated, random, text formatting assigned to any nickname in the room, when I open the room.
      Only the nicknames can be formatted, no need for the full text.
      I could activate or not this function in the options.
      In different sessions, different formatting, nothing assigned permanently.
      To avoid disturbing effects, the set of formatting can be restricted by the programmer.
      When a nickname exits the room, his previous formatting is reassigned.
      Thus I can track the comments of different users looking to their nickname formatting.

      Tks again

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      Good afternoon I see no reason so much stress that such a suggestion let camfrog working to improve?

      (PS. My suggestion again colors and font sizes.)

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      A few feedbacks here.

      1) Room list and the chat dialog in the same window is a terrible idea. If I open many webcams at the same time, it will block the room list, I will have to move/arrange all my opened cams away just to look at the room list.

      2) I no longer can group my Favorite rooms, the rooms are now sorted by alphabetical order. I’ll like to be able to create my own groups like it used to be.


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      camfrog 6.0 seems to take up alot of cpu useage for me i dont know if anyone else has had this problem … i mean the new layout and design is great … but i agree with everyone when i say you should bring back being able to change your font and colour 🙂

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      So far, Everything is awesome. The Internal Video Chat is really suck, would like to using old way. I will keep playing around and find more things that dislike and will give you feedback. Thanks

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      Thanks for all the efforts in putting up a new version.

      Couple of additional feedback from my which I guess is not already covered here.
      a) Help-> About : Does not show the masked pro code. It just shows “Activated”. Showing the masked code is really helpful for people who have multiple procodes. It makes it easier to identify which machine has which code installed. Easier to restore them back in case of a CF or OS reinstall.
      b) Visible/Blocked List : The context sensitive entry while entering users id in this list is missing. Resulting in user to type the full id.
      c) ADD option in the main cf window: Would love to have it back. As its helps while ADDing ROOMS. In v6.0 Adding a room requires multiples clicks.
      d) Apart from these I agree with all the issues reported by other users here ( from CPU usage issues TO basic Fonts issues.. all of it). Hence not repeating them in my post here.

      Also would like to recommend CF to induce a Beta Testing Phase into their Development Lifecycle.

      As always, expecting CF to collect all constructive feedback from here and implement them into the next minor release.

      New Year Greetings to all @ Camfrog..!!

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      Coming back again.

      I am trying to use v.6 but I really feel some issues to use it efficiently.
      When I am in a room and I am looking to 5 or 6 cam, I have’nt a good control on differents contacts.

      I strongly prefear the old users list in the room with “viewed users” on top in a separate list.
      I feel that the “viewed users” grouped in a separate list allow me to have a better and efficient control on the multiple chat.

      More:I feel really boring the button “view more” in the lists.
      Many sites follow this trend, but is not user friendly.
      We must scroll an infinite page to go to the bottom of the list!

      For my use (I said for my use) I feel unnecessary the chat text formatting.


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      Couple of more updates from me…

      Refer (a) to (d) in my previous post

      (e) During 1on1 cam call – The option “keep video on top always” is flaky and does not work most of the times.

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      like the 6.0 but yes fonts and i sujest adding a im shut down priv does not work well we should be able to disable tham and would be nice to recive offlines thanks great job

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      Good Job on the update to 6.0. I miss a couple of features that you left out of this update. I miss being able to hit “enter” and have it open a window and then move to the next person. Now I have to use the enter key and then hit the “down button”. Also, I was able to find the open window of someone by clicking on thier listing and their box would blink each time I clicked. Very convenient when you can’t see the name across a window. Thanks for the continued hard work.

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      An option to permanently block bots so that you dont have to ignore them every time you go back into a room

      Also to have blocked users blocked from viewing your cam aswell

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      The main one for me is the tabs at the top completely unnecessary, It was better when the room list was separate from the chat room dunno why they were merged together.

      Visible/hidden/Lurkers needs to come back, The list is completely backwards now having users with no cams in with everyone else.

      Favourite room list needs to come back such a chore going through 10 pages to find the room you want.

      Fonts/Colours ok not a great loss but it was one way of seeing who is speaking to you in the room easier.

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      Not impressed by 6.0. having the room list and chat room in tabs is a real pain. Hitting “display more” and scrolling for chat rooms rather than paging is also annoying. I preferred the old way of sorting users when opening their cam into a different section from those unopened.

      It seems you are trying to put too many things in one panel with tab control rather than allowing them to be spread out where they are more accessible. Could care less about skins and colors… I want to be able to chat and see cams, not frame them in cutesy colors. I’m willing to try this for a few days, but may go back to older version real soon.

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      Hello Admin,

      I like the new version although i really miss the font change option. If you gonna change it back in the next version, could you also make an extra button (mouse over window) to reorganize all windows in the next version? I have checked auto-reorganize but i would like the reorganise button for when some chatfriends go offline.
      Thanks in advance.

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      Hi ^^ In the chat room the list of people is not in alphabetical order anymore. 🙁 how can I get it back to alphabetical?

      Thank you!!

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      I could rant and rant and rant but to be honest I’m wasting my time , but I have a few things I would like to say…..

      I have a huge issue with the fact of losing the pro code once downgraded , it’s like theft.
      Lucky for me I had my email saved , but unfortunate for others who haven’t.

      6.0 was rushed with no care and attention , and left alot to be desired since the ”BIG” takeover.

      Quite happy with 5.5. so I’ll stick with it as long as I can , personally I think 6.0 should be scrapped and back to the drawing board , nobody seems to listen from Paltalk/Camshare , the users have given ideas and now nothing has been shown from what they’ve asked.

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      i have just uploaded version 6.0 , but i cant join any chat room as it the instant msg says my font size is not correct but i cant fine the change font feature anywhere on the site ? how can i change my font size ?
      please can anyone help !

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      Most of the ‘improvements’ were nothing close to being actual improvements.
      Taking features away is probably not the most wonderful way to gain any
      market share.
      The website is faded and not distinct any longer. The search functions, that
      are used by most Owners and OP’s, are too slow. It was not broken, yet you fixed it.

      All the people saying how nice Camfrog 6.0 is, are either new or butt kissers.
      Just my opinion. Long term Camfrog users have seen it ALL. This is a downgrade, rather than an upgrade.

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      With all my respect but version is sux really 🙁

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      as per your blog on feb 1 2011 new pro codes change again now just like paltalk renew every year lol if u guys are turning us to same platform just do it and cut your loses and start buliding becouse most peeps will leave anyway new users wont try pro or stay. back to back changes are a pr nightmare just a thought.

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      This version isn’t working out, adding rooms is different, the fonts are annoying the chat room does not scroll and you have to scroll it down manually.. its just not worth using I prefer to downgrade, furthermore its not a version that seems to be an upgrade it seems to be a downgrade.. I think it’s time to revise it and correct the problems and make it a better version right now it is literally annoying and not worth using.

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      since the upgrade of the camfrog members u can no longer see any other members friends they have it just shows the average things but no friends , Are yall going to change it back so u can see the peoples friends when u veiw there profiles unless they have them hidden

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      good job but it is missing (the locate a friend option ) that is very importan for pro users and all the options on the top of the chatroom window SORRY BUT I AM BACK TO 5.5 VERSION AND I AM SURE THAT A LOT OF USERS THINK THAT WAY…….

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      Camfrog 6.0 is a great upgrade Camfrog is a great program I would pay once a year to use it the problem I see with camfrog is the people they just dont get how business work they need to make $$$$ to make something better people quit fussing about how you will need to pay for camfrog year to year and just do it its not like they are going to charge you $50 a month if so I would see why people would be upset but its once a year people pay $15 a month for wow people pay $15 to $100+ a month for internet so whats the big deal paying one feed a year for camfrog its not like its going to be $1000 a year or even $500 and the admins must have said 500+ times about they are going to bring font colors back on a future update they know that they need to add this back but Q.Qing about it isnt going to make it come out faster so just downgrade to 5.5 if it really bugs you and enjoy camfrog if you dont enjoy camfrog 5.5 something else you can do is get a hobby or go outside do things with friends and not look at a PC screen

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      camfrog/paltalk ok thanks for the great chat 6.0 is going to be great but thebooter tool is not dead the small group of sub hosters is useing this tool to intimadate useers and keep there renters if not thay get tham banded and boot tham off linepost stuff on stats and when outhers respond u guys band tham becouse thay leave messages on ststs note state messages are privite messages and if someone does not care for tham than should take tham off there freinds list prob sloved and blocknomore problum these subhosters hideing under a aprcved hoster and going from room to room trying to take outher rooms by saying there camfrog and watch what thay can do and thay cant be touched for exsample to day got nick band great_white_wolf2000 while telling everyone if we dont like u your next rent from us this user was just responding to weeks of abuse and thay say im next and has told great_white_wolf2000 thay were going to kill his pro code witch he bought tru the central family on site says camfrog approved hoster so thought it was safe now there threating him there going to kill it and has been kicking it off and on to kick him from chat and abusing and threating his wife this is why we should not allow subhosting in frog thay couse truble and do not own bot or room codes just runing users out of camfrog and doing it under the good hoster s name and camfrogs please help stop the madness we need opps out here to investagate these peeps if u want a better camfrog and suport the hosters than stop subhosting it uderminds everyone who goes by the rules tells outhers thay can to and sence the booting has started and i know for a fact thay are the ones couse thay im u and tell ya before it happens as a show of power the hosters who dont sublet there rooms are being singled and there rooms are trying to be brougtht under there servers and some new users tricked by 20 dollar a month rooms with no service there actions stops peeps from buying pro or renting from the hosters who have bought room codes and this keeps u from selling new codes as a long time camfrog user im sad to see it go this bad hope paltalk can turn it around lol mybe camfrog should get some old time users to help in the tos dept myself i would like to help i was and sill am a user / room owner / and hoster i can help all i do is own a room right now please dont let the bullies win and please reinstate the nick great_white_wolf2000 we thank you for your time the prob will get worse if you dont stop it thanks for all your time please help stop the madness we will from a suport group for this if nessary

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      yes see now u band my nick for no reason why my nick hd_harddrive we will not be ran out of camfrog by these lammers please restart and unband my nick dam im trying to stop a chat war here thanks lol note there ddoss ing nodrama servers right now

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar


      Please leave this be, theres nothing wrong with competition, if done on the right way, and the Blog is to discuss issues which have been left, this has nothing to do with this post.

      ViperVB is a good Hoster, it’s the Sister Companies he has problems with and so do other Hosters, but I am sure in time he will sort them out.

      The Truth hurts, Flood attacks is better proof, then just me telling the truth (Not against TOS) DDoS now carries a 6 year prison Sentence in the USA (take note) and the proof is mounting up not just from our Company but many other decent Hosters on Camfrog are suffering from these attacks from other Hosters to.

      It’s the Net many people forget this, we don’t, things come and go all the time, you just move on to the next thing or program that comes along.

      Sorry Frog, needed to be said (please note ive not named the Hoster involved, that would be unprofessional of us – plus people already know who were discussing)



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      Wo_Ow Superstar Congs Camfrogs Team.

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      ok the new frogfeeds on profile repeating your stats sucks its bad enof that your privet stat messages to your freinds is now on profile but it just keeps repeating might want to reconsider this one thanks

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      the 6.0 is great and all but its lagging..meaning responses are slow my scoreboard dont work, so does my greeting and also another thing that the kermit doesnt work either…can u make it faster like the 5.5 version i had to downgrade.

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      its shit

      two whole days it has been down

      get ya fucking act together

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      Very nice job on camfrog 6.0 build 80. It is a far cry better than the earlier builds. Keep up the good work. Thanks for returning the “enter” feature to populate the windows from the room list. I missed that in the earlier versions.

      I have an additional features that I think would enhance CF; Can you make it an option to “pin” a window to a perticular postion on the desktop so that when we reorganise the open windows, they will not change along with the others?

      Can you make it so that I can “highlight” a series of windows, typically in a straight line, that I then can right click multiple windows and close just those windows. It’s like the sSame feature you can use say in Windows explorer when you are looking at pictures in the menu mode and you select individual pictures by holding down the ctrl key or a series in a row by using the click – shift – click method.

      Thanks for listening.

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      Any plans for an android app version?

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      can you pls bring back the 5.5 tab im windows style

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      why 6.0 is slowly in my pc i like 5.5 syle 6.0 now become a cartoon

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