Camfrog 5.0 and Video Window Size

Over the weekend a few Camfrog Pro users emailed and explained that the new 5.0 version high resolution video windows are too large and take up too much screen real estate in the new “Super” or “Recommended” rooms. When developing Camfrog 5.0 we realized some users may want to customize their default video window size so we included custom settings for Camfrog 5.0 specifically so users can choose their favorite video window size for any type of video chat room.

To customize the Camfrog video window size for your computer and type of room go to your contact list and choose the “Actions” menu then “Settings”. Next choose “Video” in the settings list.


Now click the tab for the type of room you want to customize, then choose the video window size. After you are done press “Apply” then “OK”. Now your video window sizes are customized however you want. Please note that if you only customize the size for “Classic” rooms under the “Classic” tab then the “Recommended” and “Super” rooms will still have their large default size. You should change the size under each tab to make sure the window size is changed for that specific type of room.

In the future we hope to add the ability for users to customize their windows even smaller than the “Classic” size. I hope this post helps explain how to set custom video window sizes. If you have any problems with these settings please contact our help desk so we can assist you.


8 thoughts on “Camfrog 5.0 and Video Window Size

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      The version [5.0] strikes me the quality of video “Super”…has evolved very much, is brilliant… but Camfrog now requires more speed of internet also.

      Camfrog now worth !
      Congratulations to Camshare!

      David aka inimitablo.

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      Camfrog 5.0 seems to be a serious system hog on my PC. 4.1 runs great, but 5.0 seems to run slower and if i type something it usually takes 1-2 seconds after I press enter for it to show up in the room where as on 4.1 it’s instantanious.

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      Ive not had this problem petey but i do notice that when me and and Tom both use frog our remote cam views are shit, they never used to be, I think its a bandwidth thing with the new frog as soon as Tom leaves the room my cam is perfect in seconds again……… Not so good for room owners when only one of us can be in there at any one time :s:s:s Hope frog can do suming about this soon………. ????

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      most german users go back to 4.1 because there dsl speed under dsl 6000
      i must change my room from super mode to Recommended.

      i hop in next cf version a function to disable supermode quality

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      I am facing Login problem today. I duuno why but when I try to log in camfrog, it just goes on attempting thts all. Is there any issue with the server? Is the server down?

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      i’m not able to logon right now.. and i can log on to my other messengers and access the internet obviously i’m posting this arn’t I?.. hmmm 3.29 est .. but my room is logged in.. it can connect.. interesting…

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      I have connection 512 kb/s joined look only 3 cams.Before old version server 3.95 can 7 cams.Now much eat limit bandwith 😐

      You hope can disbaled High Quality.Before same older 😀


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      open large size to my camfrog 5.1 video chatt

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