Camfrog 4.X Blocked

As we promised in a previous post we have blocked Camfrog 4.X.  If you were having high CPU usage problems and high bandwidth usage with 5.X we urge you to wait a few days then try 5.X again.  As mentioned in the previous blog post the high CPU usage and bandwidth were caused by 3.X and 4.X users.

If you are having stability problems we urge you to report them to us.

Download Camfrog 5.1


2 thoughts on “Camfrog 4.X Blocked

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      The truth that to improved much the up-to-date version…

      I believe that it requires much speed the version 5.1.123.

      The version of Camfrog of Windows mobile the best invention than has created Camfrog! woohoo!



    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      Camfrog 5.1 is a real pain to me. I tried it before and came back to 3.9X. Unfortunately I can t anymore… While windows were loading instantly in 3.9X, it takes seconds before they load in 5.1. I would click on 10-15 windows in 3.9X and they would immediately appears on the screen. In 5.1, the 3-4 immediately appear then it s getting slower and slower and slower, and in the end the mouse cursor gets lost, same goes when closing the windows…
      For the past days, 5.1 crashed on various occasions, it would not happen with 3.9X.
      The lurkers features is great, but as a pro-user, it does not compensate the drawbacks ….
      I really wish I could use 3.9 again..

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