Blog: Shout out your Room with Camfrog Roomcasts

In the coming months, Camfrog will be rolling out exciting new tools to help make our communities stronger and enhance the room experience for both members and room owners.  The first step is in improving how we communicate with Roomcasts.

Camfrog Roomcasts are special messages sent through Camfrog that notify your room members of an upcoming gathering or event. Now, none of your room members will miss upcoming events! 

What do Roomcasts do?

  • Universal offline notifications. Roomcasts are sent out using Camfrog’s internal messaging system and can notify users even when they are offline.
  • Engage your audience. By using roomcasts, you can really help extend your room’s reach and drive users back to your rooms at the best possible time.
  • Special event templates. Quickly create event invitations and let your members know about any events, special guests, or fun activities you have planned.  Or better yet, just send out a message to let them know that now is the perfect time to come hang out!
  • Easy personal settings. All Camfrog users are able to pick and choose which rooms they want to subscribe to and receive messages from with easy-to-use notification settings.

This feature is available to rooms with paid subscriptions. Each subscription tier is given a set amount of Roomcast Credits each month: Green (1), Purple (3), Gold (5), Platinum (10), and Diamond (25)

How to Send a Roomcast

  1. Go to the Roomcasting page
  2. Select a message template
  3. Fill out all of the details
  4. ‘Click Publish’

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