Blocking Annoying Users & Bad Feedback


Have you received an inappropriate or rude message from a Camfrog user?  There are several ways to avoid rude or inappropriate messages from strangers.

The first way to avoid receiving inappropriate messages from other users is to change your status to privacy.  Go to your contact list and click the down arrow icon next to your nickname.  Now choose the “Privacy” status.  Once you are in privacy mode nobody can IM you unless they are on your contact list.  To talk to someone you can open their IM window and add them as a friend, then message them again to talk to them.

If you have already received an annoying message from a user it’s easy to block them.  Click the “Block” button in the IM window.  You’ll then be asked if you should give the annoying person bad feedback.  If you don’t want the person to know you blocked them you can uncheck this “bad feedback” box.  If you think the message the person sent is spam or a virus and other users may be effected we recommend giving the user bad feedback.  If enough users give another user bad feedback he cannot IM anyone for a set period of time.  The bad feedback system is one way users can help us combat spam and phishing links.

If you received bad feedback yourself don’t worry.  After a certain time period your feedback will return to normal and you can continue to use Camfrog normally.

You can also report inappropriate users to Camfrog by visiting the profile of the annoying users and clicking the “report inappropriate content” link.

Check out this Youtube video that shows how to block someone and give bad feedback.


15 thoughts on “Blocking Annoying Users & Bad Feedback

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      hi admin it ok two sy we can go on privacy. but some dont wanner do that and when we block them al there do is get a new name what i think camfrog need to do is set a limtit to how many names a users can have if you have pro it seem you can have as many as you like with out 4 users name i think if it was set so pro users can only have 3 names no one needs more than 3 names i hand users me salfe ware i bing imed by them with inappropriate messages and it seem that you have to stay on privacy just so you dont get them that wong as users what do this sord not be on camfrog . i love camfreog i bing on this for 5ys i was a camfrog op at one time if you can think off some thik to stop them be side this all asked users what thay can think off what there like to get users like off camfrog camfrog not for kinds to do as there like there is a tos we all have to sick to

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      I think i will agree with Lee. I can make suggest. Make a 2 new names per day so people will not able to register and bother people by create a new name which is waste of nickname that is not use it?

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      what can a user do, when annoying users in her IM status set reale names and adress from users with phonenumbers ?
      many users can read this,
      how can help CF ??
      with Regards

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      First of all, how did they get your real name, address, and phone number? Did you share this with them? Please don’t share personal information like this with other users.

      You can email our helpdesk, then we will add the people to our contact list and if we see your address and phone number there we will remove them from our service.

      I recommend contacting law enforcement also. What they are doing may be illegal.

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      I kind of agree with the three new usernames per day limit, but I’m not sure how effective it would be. How would it be kept it check? Would it be IP based or Pro code based? If it is an IP based limit, people with DSL modems can easily change their IP. If it’s a Pro code based limit, not everyone has pro. Then again I think people without pro are automatically limited to 10 usernames in total, but I think if they delete the old ones from their sign-on list they can create more, so I’m not sure how it would work out.

      I’ve made a kind of controversial suggestion before in the Singles room regarding bad feedback but I was too lazy to actually e-mail it in, but since I’m here I might as well suggest it. My suggestion was that every time someone gets bad feedback, the last thing they said (or maybe last 10 lines of the convo?) should get automatically posted to their profile. That way, people can look at habitual offenders profiles and decide whether they want to talk to them or not. Public embarrassment is a great deterrent. For example, if someone randomly IMs someone else and says “hey show me your…”, the person gives them bad feedback, and the offender has that convo clip in their profile.

      Some criticism I’ve gotten about that suggest was that (1) some people think it’s a privacy issue, but I don’t think stupid people should have privacy (2) people can just create new usernames if their profile is full of bad publicity. While this may be true, many regulars like their screennames, so I guess it would be mostly a deterrent for regulars not to harass others.

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      two stop them from geting new names all cmfrog need to do is when a new chat comes out put a stop on how many names you can have it not be hand to do that and it can be set so if you can not delete the old ones from their sign-on list if you get ban you can get back on can you with out formate ing i work in IT so i now a bit a bout camfrog and how it works so i now it can be done but if thay will all not it up two them

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      Old versions of Camfrog had this limitation, but users would just uninstall and make some system changes, then reinstall to bypass the limitation.

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      ok so can you not stop that so if thay do uninstall it still stop i am sore you can just like if you mac ban you can not get on with new one all anly old ones what still work i talk with lost off users there all sead there go on privacy becouse off them users who like to play games camfrog not for games it for use to get to now new m8 have a gd room i would love for you to stop them you can ban users but thay come bk in the old days it was not like that no one new a bout it so there never got bk but i now off 5 users on here what get ban 3 time a week and still come bk and there pro dont get stop anly more ban sord mean ban for life

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      Admin said :

      “Old versions of Camfrog had this limitation, but users would just uninstall and make some system changes, then reinstall to bypass the limitation.”

      At least the obnoxious users had to WORK to bother people 🙂

      I think one nickname for free users would be sufficient, simply tie the
      nickname to an IP range/MAC address for blocking purposes. If 3 users have blocked this IP range/Mac address, Camfrog could punish this combination for 30 days and help remove this problem.

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      Festler said :
      “what can a user do, when annoying users in her IM status set reale names and adress from users with phonenumbers ?”

      The answer is simple, never give out your real name. location etc.

      Nicknames are for hiding your actual self. If you use your REAL name as your nickname, and your real location etc, then you need to stop and think.

      There was a young lady who entered a room a few years ago, her nickname was realname and her location was Roswell , New Mexico. Sadly this was her true information, I simply googled her and found her name, address and phone number. I sent her an IM and told her to get a new nickname using information that was CLOSE, but not exact.

      It all went better after that. The point is simple, if you give people too
      much actual information about yourself, it is east yo track you down. You made the same mistake many places. Time to move. Safe is better than sorry.

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      if there was two do that it be done bye now if it was me and i was the owne i see to it that no users that do not keep two the tos would be on line

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      we all need to help camfrog to get ware it sord be a gd chat for all mac baning users dont seem to help anly more formate there bk with 1h some off them with in 10 mins i see loads all day long on here who do not keep to the tos and note i can do a bout it

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      hello admin i have some problem i wish u can help me in it . before some days i register a new nickname ( TURKY ) & i login with him normaly but next day it say password invalid then i tray to connect from the website & i find him work with his password & whene i receve password in msn it work too but i cant login with 5.0 5.1 5.2 ( i tray the three version) i wish if you can help me thnx

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      Camfrog wish list..will camfrog make the webcams a bit more sort HD quality

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      will camfrog make the webcams a bit of hd quality

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