Beware of Scammers

phishing-scammer1It has recently come to our attention that some users are offering “Lifetime Pro” if you send them money over Western Union, and give them your nickname password. These users are trying to scam you, and steal your account.

For security concerns, NEVER give your account password to ANYONE. Our administrators will never ask you for your password.

Be wary of phishing sites – Never enter your Camfrog username and password into a website that is not Always look at the address bar to make sure you are on before entering your username and password


Always make sure that you see the lock icon as well, to ensure that you are on the secured and verified camfrog website!

If you come across someone asking for your password, or someone sending you malicious links to phishing sites, be sure to report it to us (with any screenshots) at or by email to

Note: Even authorized Camfrog distributors and resellers should NEVER ask you for your account password. If an authorized reseller is asking for your password, please submit a screenshot to us at


7 thoughts on “Beware of Scammers

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      Oh no not again Thanks +Camfrog

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      there is always someone bothering other users !! do not accept files or enter your password.. thanks

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      I want to thank all administrators that make it possible to detect these thieves nicknames and serial pro

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      hey i been getting a bug while trying to join some room for example:

      1. I want to Join room A so i go on the room directory and click on the A icon (picture) well it sends me to Room Y or Room C , that means for example i want to join Camfrog Main.. it gets me to a different room.. the problem is when u click an all ages room and it takes u to an adult room….


      1. Some friends have been complaining about getting a warning/ pop up message that says more or less: you are forbidden from entering non 18+ rooms… what i have seen is when someone is getting flagged X amount of times you get blocked from general section for 3 days… i mean the Flagging option is an AMAZING feature but sigh some people are using the flag button to troll people.

      2. Can you please please pretty please allow us to make “virtual rooms” again? it was amazing one of the best things ever. YES YES YES YES!!! 😀

      Thanks a Lot 😀

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        If you have any ideas or changes would like see on Camfrog Please follow this link

        If you have bug in your Camfrog Version please follow these simple steps.

        Click on Green Camfrog on your contact list scroll down to help once you are their you will see “Have a problem? Send a bug report.

        This Helps the Camfrog Support Teams fix the problem release new update with bug fixes.

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        Only I can say on that any problem they should put in touch with
        Thank you for using camfrog videochat , That happen good day !!

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